9 Best Music Marketing Strategies in 2022

Every musician hopes for their song to reach millions and billions of people before even releasing their music. But, they get upset when their songs don’t perform as expected. The outcome based strategy seems to not work at all. This is why proper planning is required.

Even the beginners will agree that record labels spend a tons to money to put their tracks into the best places but even they don’t know it is going to be a hit. This is also the reason why the labels don’t sign new artists. It’s a huge risk they take when they sign an unknown artists who has no clout at all. This is also a reason why the artists who have made a name for themselves get signed easily.

So, to get signed or have a million play on your music, you need to have a solid marketing game. This not only will help you shape your music but will also teach you about the principles of marketing which are used to market any product. Make sure to read everything word-by-word to learn about different music marketing strategies.

1. Research about your fan demographics –

For any musician it is essential to identify the people who are going to listen to your music. The first step to start here is to do a research about the fans that you have currently and gather more information about them, because you want to reach the widest audience possible. Factors like their age, time spent online, gender and more helps you with a better understanding of your fanbase demographics. This helps you laser target and devise a communication style which matches with your audience and establishes a connection.

Knowing who to target is the first and foremost strategy when it comes to marketing any product or making a music marketing strategy. Also, here you set the tonality and style of your brand. You can also work on the visual appearance depending upon what your audience likes. Using this strategy ensures that your music reaches the right audience without missing the mark.

To understand about your existing fanbase you can go through the analytics/report section of your favorite streaming platform and look upon the mentioned demographics factors. Also, look at your social media channels insights to understand about the interests and their liking.

Insights to look while researching fan base demographics –

Age | Gender | Time spent online | Most played song | Visual branding etc.

2. Establish communication with new and old fans

Your old fans are as important as new fans. When you have an existing fanbase in hand, make sure to nurture it so that they remain as your active listeners. Your active listenership is something that will help you rise to the top. Keeping them entertained is the goal here. Make sure you do all the necessary tasks like running contests, sending freebies and more when it comes to keeping old fans engaged. 

The loyal listenership is also appreciated by the algorithms on various platforms. It’s an important music marketing strategy that can be used because efficient communication will set a solid pillar for your brand as a Musician. 

Some tips to keeping your fan engaged –

  1. Keep sharing bits and pieces about your music and life
  2. Send mailers 
  3. Free releases exclusive to your audience
  4. An all exclusive meet & greet, etc.

Always look around and find new ways to connect with your fans. So that there is a consistent communication around your brand and your music.

3. Focus on creating a Social Media Strategy

One of the best platforms other than your email communication channel is using your social media channel to broadcast the word about your latest release, put a teaser out or to make people aware about your brand new guitar. 

Effective Social media strategy helps you create the hype that you want. You can direct your fans towards your website or any other content that you want them to check. This makes your fan even more interested in your content and suggestions. This helps to stay connected with your fans and they can also share your thoughts and views and make you famous.

The precise way of creating a social media strategy is to pick a platform of your choice and research on the type of content that works and then be consistent. It also works as a social proof and helps you connect with more people. 

Tips for a great social media strategy –

  1. Post teasers, ideas and thoughts
  2. Comment and engage with fans
  3. Be consistent
  4. Work on your visual profile(Album art, cover art and more)
  5. More videos (For better reach) etc.

Also, harness the power of paid advertisements like Facebook Ads, Tik Tok Ads and Influencers campaigns which can easily help you reach the audience you want without spending tons of money.

The social media aspect of music marketing strategy shouldn’t be neglected because there is a lot of competition in the industry right now and if you are able to successfully understand one platform.

No one can stop you from dominating it!

4. Build an online community around your music

Artists who have witnessed massive growth have one thing in common. All of them have made a community around their music. So what’s stopping you from doing that? To effectively communicate with your audience you need some form of channel and social media platform works like a charm for that.  

It is very important to keep your fans incentivized in some form and the community lets you do that with ease. The first and foremost way to build a solid community is to have an email list and also engage with your fans via social media channels. The hands-on approach also helps artists to connect with their audience which is selling merches, providing backstage access pass and more.

An important tip from our books of music marketing strategy for growing an online community would be to sell fans subscriptions to keep in touch with your loyal fans. This makes them feel exclusive and get most releases and merch’s earlier than anyone. 

An online community brings exclusivity and this is something which sells easier.

Tips to create an online community –

  1. Use your email list to connect with fans
  2. Make a facebook group to keep your fans in touch
  3. Create exclusivity around the subscription buyers
  4. Use download gates/content gates to grow your fanbase
  5. Arrange meet & greet sessions and sell merch, etc.

5. Collaborate to reach more people

Collaboration in any industry helps you in disrupting the market and reaching more people. The same goes for music, collaborating with artists who are more successful than you helps you reach more audience. The more collaborations you do, the more you will be known among different types of audience. Collaboration is a sure shot way to shock your audience with something new and also keep them excited for more. 

Collaborating with different artists gives you access to their fans and also you get to learn more about the process. This is why your favorite artists collaborate all the time. And, underestimating this music marketing strategy/tip is going to stop you from having that reach.

6. Work on a solid PR and playlist submission strategy 

Gone are the days when you had to pitch each and every label manager to sign your tracks and then expect the label to do PR for you. Now, you can do it yourself, only a bit of patience is required. Because blogs, magazines and news portals get a ton of submissions a day which makes it impossible for them to review your songs on a single day.

The major part of  PR and playlist submission is to get more listeners and other people talking about your music. A PR campaign makes the listeners see you as an industry leader at whatever you do and a playlist garners views from different listeners across the globe. 

The approach that is required to proceed with this music marketing strategy is to have a spreadsheet where you put the names of different music blogs, news portals and playlists and their contact address. And, then approach them one by one personally. This is a slow process, but it gets the momentum going. You might face a couple of rejects at first but positive replies are also going to be there.

Also, create an EPK or Electronic press kit about your EP, Single or Album release so that the publishers don’t need to do a ton of research before putting the articles out. The point is to make their work easier. 

Tips for a solid PR strategy-

  1. Do a contact research and maintain a list
  2. Approach the list personal, avoid CC/BCC’s
  3. Include all the information about your release in the EPK 
  4. Always use high-quality pictures with your EPK
  5. Provide original content to all the blogs for quick publishing, etc.

7. Create your own website

Having a website helps your brand establish a better reputation. All the big artists have a website so why not you. A website helps you showcase your brand identity and has all the information required like Biography, images, press kit and more. This helps you with booking opportunities and also helps you to stay connected with your fans. 

You can also monetize your website by selling your merches, gears and more. Or you can redirect listeners from your social media channel to your website to show them your latest NFT or exclusive song.

But, always make sure that your website is visually appealing and follows the same there overall for a better experience.

8. Radio still works! Use it

Radio is not dead. It is still used by some of the best labels and artists to make their music heard. Maybe podcasts and online radio’s have come. But paying them for a song or album feature is still one of those marketing strategies that work. The money spent on Radio campaigns depends upon the number of people/stations/city you want to reach. Radio in many ways helps you connect with people who are always on the go and also helps you reach people in developing areas.

Approach an agency which helps you showcase your tracks on Radio and get started with your radio feature.

9. Be consistent in your approach

The only way to make a music marketing strategy work is to consistently use it. You surely would have seen overnight success but it takes time and planning to do that. With every approach you do you are going to learn something new which will always work in your favor the next time you try to release a record. 

Being consistently connected with fans will help you more than anything when it comes to being a musician. The WOM will spread once you are consistent.

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