Barley Passable Unveils Dance Anthem ‘Out My Mind ft. Bread Club’

Barley Passable, in collaboration with Aussie indie pop icons Bread Club and producer Mickey Kojack, presents their latest single, “Out My Mind ft. Bread Club.” This heartfelt track, delving into gratitude from two perspectives, merges Bread Club’s vocals with Barley Passable’s sonic prowess. The collaboration with Mickey Kojack yields a summer hit, resonating with a MYD/French pop vibe.

To celebrate the release, the band hosted a themed show at Bootleggers in Newtown on November 3rd, offering a sneak peek of unreleased music from their upcoming Collaborations Mixtape. Inspired by the Wall Street bloodbath of 1987, the event promises a unique fusion of fashion, design, and music.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Barley Passable, composed of Kai on guitars and vocals and Davy on keys and vocals, emerged from their shared passion for music production at Music University. Their journey, starting with inadequate results in Jazz studies, has led to critical acclaim in Australia and internationally. The duo effortlessly traverses musical influences, from 70s Disco to Modern French Pop, creating detailed groove music for all occasions. Barley Passable’s collaborative vision extends beyond music, blending fashion, film, and urban design to craft a truly immersive experience for their audience. As they mark the release of “Out My Mind ft. Bread Club,” join Barley Passable on a liberating journey of pleasure and sonic exploration.

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