Audiority Unveils FREE EQ Boost Pedal Plugin ‘The Sword’ For Windows & Mac

Audiority collaborates with The Amp Sim Universe to introduce The Sword, a complimentary EQ boost pedal plugin available for macOS and Windows.

Derived from the EQ/boost section of Audiority’s acclaimed Solidus VS8100 analog-modeled solid-state amplifier plugin, The Sword promises to redefine clean boosting.

Featuring an analog-modeled ten-band graphic EQ with a 20dB clean booster, The Sword offers extensive tone-shaping capabilities, allowing users to adjust frequencies by +/- 12dB for optimal customization.

The simplicity and impactfulness of The Sword are immediately apparent, making it an essential addition to any musician’s toolkit, and it comes at no cost.

The plugin’s resizable GUI boasts intuitive controls, including individual faders for each band, a Gain knob, and on/off switches for the EQ and Boost functions, ensuring effortless navigation.

Additional features such as the HQ switch for enabling oversampling and a convenient Randomize function further enhance The Sword’s versatility.

Clean Boost pedals have long been favored by guitarists for their ability to shape tones effectively, but their utility extends to musicians of all genres and instruments.

For those new to effects pedals, The Sword offers a perfect introduction, providing clarity on the nuances of clean boosting and its impact on sound.

Whether you’re seeking to push your signal into crunchy overdrive or simply elevate its volume without coloration, The Sword delivers unparalleled performance.

Available in AU, CLAP, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.13 upwards) and Windows (7 upwards), The Sword awaits your download today.

Download: The Sword (FREE)

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