Sizzos’ ‘Float Away’ Marks Powerful End to ‘Glitter In Gravel’ Album

Sizzos just dropped the mic with their latest track, “Float Away,” wrapping up their new album, “Glitter In Gravel.” Picture Depeche Mode casually strolling on the beach, backed by rhythmic drums and their signature sound.

The song, co-produced by Kabir Green and Sizzos leader George Zaninovich, tells a tale of good intentions gone haywire, with the protagonist accidentally pushing away love instead of pulling it closer. Despite trying to give the love interest the whole ocean, turns out, that all she wanted was consistency and partnership. The result? She floats away, and it’s a real tearjerker.

Based in Eugene, OR, The Sizzos, led by singer-songwriter George Zaninovich, are making waves globally. Their first album, “She’s Driving Down,” hit the Top 10 in 2021, standing tall among heavyweights like War on Drugs and Lord Huron. Now, with “Glitter in Gravel,” they’re exploring a dreamy mix of synth-rock, blending vintage synth, new wave guitar, and even a touch of banjo. The album, born from two years of soul-searching after personal losses, is a musical journey through love, grief, and hope. Released in August, you can dive into “Glitter in Gravel” in digital or vinyl formats, and trust us, it’s a ride worth taking.

Listen to Float Away –


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