Marliii Ignites Emotions with Latest Single ‘Breathe The Fire’

Marliii’s latest track, “Breathe The Fire,” is a soulful journey through emotion and resilience. The New York-born, San Diego-based artist, with 20 years of guitar expertise, delivers a compelling blend of melodies and rhythms. The song, an anthem of strength, showcases Marliii’s authentic vocals and a rich instrumental arrangement.

Beyond music, Marliii holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Public Relations, advocating for diversity in STEAM fields. Her debut EP, “Awake & i,” reflects her commitment to artistic innovation. Marliii’s live performances, including opening for Portugal. The Man at Dreamforce 2022, fuse original tracks with diverse musical influences.

In a nutshell, “Breathe The Fire” is more than a song—it’s a powerful testament to the transformative essence of music, inviting listeners into a visceral experience of solace and empowerment.

Listen now –

Pushpendra Giri
Pushpendra Giri

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