FREE Gentle Strings Chamber Ensemble Library for Kontakt Player

Fracture Sounds surprises music creators with Gentle Strings, a free Blueprint library for Kontakt Player.

By simply signing up for Fracture Sounds’ mailing list on the product page, you can swiftly access Gentle Strings.

This library, compressed to a manageable 771 MB from an 822 MB sample pool, promises a rich sonic experience.

Recorded in the grand main studio at The Nave, Gentle Strings captures the essence of a chamber-sized string ensemble.

Soft cinematic sounds emanate from the strings, thanks to the mutes used in the long con sordino articulation, ideal for scoring and popular music alike.

The library’s versatility extends to genres such as pop, ambient, and ’80s music, echoing its aptly chosen name, Gentle Strings.

For a comprehensive overview, developers have crafted an in-depth demo and overview available on YouTube.

Within Gentle Strings, three violins, three violas, and three cellos unite in a harmonious blend within a spacious live studio setting.

Featuring a single articulation (long con sordino), the library offers Close, Mid, and Far microphone signals, each with adjustable levels for customized mixing.

The main interface simplifies tweaking with controls for Dynamics, Colour, Atmosphere, and Reverb, while advanced settings unveil Tightness, Dynamic Range, Attack, and Release adjustments.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboards enthusiasts will appreciate Gentle Strings’ full NKS support.

Activation via Native Access streamlines the process, while the free Kontakt Player ensures accessibility across platforms, with support for 64-bit Windows (VST3, AAX, standalone) and Mac (VST3, AU, AAX, standalone) systems.

Gentle Strings marks the seventh installment in Fracture Sounds’ esteemed Blueprint series, joining the ranks of Gentle Winds, Toy Piano, Textural Violin, Festive Bells, Greenhead Chimes, and Electric Keys, all compatible with Kontakt Player.

Notably, alongside their Blueprint series, Fracture Sounds offers the quirky Pumpkin Patch library, boasting percussion sounds exclusively crafted from a pumpkin, available for Kontakt’s paid version, adding a unique flair to their repertoire.

Download Blueprint: Gentle Strings today (FREE – free Kontakt Player required)

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