Kjerstyn’s Musical Evolution Shines in the New EP ‘Softgirl’

Kjerstyn, the emerging artist from rural Tri Cities, Washington, recently unveiled her EP, “Softgirl.” The title track, born from a summer of intense emotion, reflects on an old flame’s return. Originally a raw composition, Kjerstyn enriched the song during her time at the Los Angeles College of Music.

“Softgirl” captures a poignant moment in Kjerstyn’s life, where unresolved feelings for an old flame surfaced. The original version, with raw vocals and simple piano chords, transformed into a soul-stirring piece with the resources available at the LA College of Music.

Her journey from a small town to a big city defines her musical evolution. Starting in church choirs at five, she explored science, math, and even excelled in swimming. At sixteen, music took center stage, providing solace during the challenges of the 2020 pandemic. From local recognition in Oregon to her recent move to LA, Kjerstyn’s EPs like “first love” and “Softgirl” mark her growth.

With dreams of creating healing art, Kjerstyn’s music resonates a small-town girl making waves in the vast ocean of the music industry. “Softgirl” stands as a testament to her emotional depth and musical prowess, showcasing her ability to craft soul-stirring narratives that resonate with listeners.

Listen now –

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