FREE Dynamics Processor by Psycho Circuitry for macOS and Windows

Psycho Circuitry, releases Razorgate – a feisty dynamics processor primed for macOS and Windows users.

True to its moniker, Razorgate slices through unwanted audio with finesse, injecting a dash of analog-inspired character, a hallmark of Psycho Circuitry’s innovative ethos.

This complimentary gate plugin shares the same DNA as its paid counterpart, Razorgate+ ($19.99), delivering core functionality sans bells and whistles like external sidechain, sidechain filter, VCA color, and Dual Mono mode.

At the heart of Razorgate lies its Timing section, boasting a Slew Rate Limiter gain control design. While modern electronics excel in maintaining accurate slew rates sans lag, the allure of slew rate limiting persists as a means of infusing sonic character.

A concise yet insightful video from Psycho Circuitry dives into the practicalities of slew rate limiters versus typical timing circuits in dynamics processors, highlighting the natural exponential response of variable low-pass filters against the linear response of slew rate limiters.

Amidst broader discussions on slew rate limiters versus low-pass filters, Psycho Circuitry advocates for the inherent flexibility of a linear trajectory, offering greater control over envelope behavior.

With Razorgate’s Character controls, users can fine-tune this behavior with positive or negative values, further tweaking parameters like Behavior and lag via the Hold and Hysteresis knobs in the Behavior section.

The interface boasts intuitive elements like a gate state LED for visual feedback and a Delta button for instant auditory feedback on the processed signal.

Psycho Circuitry’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down, with Razorgate joining the ranks alongside recent releases like the free miniOPT and VocalFixIt plugin suite.

Razorgate is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (Big Sur upwards) and Windows (10/11), ready for download – no strings attached.

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