Carly Shea Unviels Brand New Single “Problems”

Carly Shea, the bicoastal artist fusing alternative R&B and grunge-tinged pop, releases “Problems,” a poignant dive into classic heartbreak. Starting as a Brooklyn basement hobbyist, Carly’s journey gained momentum meeting a Mexico-based producer at the Grammys, earning sync offers from Bunim Murray.

Laurels from Wonderland Magazine and Obscure Sound validate Carly’s ability to “create new universes” with powerful hooks and crystal-clear vocals. Balancing a modeling agent career, she prioritized music post-pandemic, catching Frtyfve Records’ attention with “Personal Popstar.”

“Problems” narrates a NYC love story’s rise and fall, capturing months of shared takeout and late nights spiraling into accusations and tears. Collaborating with producer G and engineer Lovel, Carly infuses soulful pockets into her evolving sound.

Inspired by ‘yacht rock’ and R&B, Carly promises a year of tracks delving into the human experience, crafting a musical journey that resonates with highs, lows, and everything in between. Carly Shea’s “Problems” stands as a soulful testament to life’s emotional rollercoaster.

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