15 Dolly Parton No Makeup Photos That Will Shock You

Dolly Parton without makeup is a rare sight to see. The world-famous singer and songwriter, with a career that includes over 100 million records sold worldwide, 11 Grammy Awards, and numerous other accolades is well known for wearing heavy makeup. And it’s very rare to see her without a wig, gloves, and more.

To see Parton in her natural no-makeup avatar, start reading now.

15 Dolly Parton No Makeup Photos That Will Shock You

1. Everyday look

dolly parton everyday look

Dolly Parton in a sunny yellow dress, just doing her thing. The side view gives you a peek at her natural charm—no fuss, just easy elegance. Blonde hair falls casually, adding a touch of sunshine to the whole vibe. It’s Dolly being effortlessly cool, proving you don’t need much to rock that everyday glam.

2. No Makeup Look

dolly parton wearing glasses and clicked

Caught in the act of embracing her natural beauty, Dolly Parton effortlessly flaunts a no-makeup look in this candid shot. It’s the real deal—the kind of moment when someone snapped a picture without her even realizing. There’s a certain raw authenticity as she navigates public life au naturel, proving that true beauty shines, makeup or not.

3. The Cowboy Parton

dolly parton cowboy style

Dolly Parton turns up the charm in a cowboy-inspired ensemble, rocking a big hat and a snug-fitting shirt. The confidence she exudes in this look is nothing short of stunning. The hat casts a playful shadow over her features, adding a touch of mystery to her gaze. The tight-fitting shirt accentuates her silhouette, proving that Dolly knows how to blend Western flair with a dash of undeniable allure. It’s a style statement that’s as bold as it is beautiful.

4. Black and White Beauty

dolly parton vintage look

Captured in timeless black and white, Dolly Parton graces the frame, sporting a classic denim jacket that effortlessly channels both style and ease. Her infectious smile radiates genuine warmth, turning the photograph into a captured moment of joy. Blonde locks frame her face, a testament to the enduring charm that effortlessly emanates from this country icon. It’s a snapshot frozen in monochrome, where Dolly’s spirit shines through, proving that true beauty transcends the absence of color.

5. Curled Hairs

dolly parton curly hairs and denim jacket

Dolly Parton’s forever favorite combo—a blue denim shirt paired with her signature blonde curls—takes center stage in this radiant snapshot. The denim shirt, a timeless classic, wraps her in a relaxed yet chic vibe. But it’s the golden curls that steal the show, catching the light and adding an extra touch of brilliance to the picture. Dolly effortlessly owns this look, proving that sometimes, the simplest styles are the ones that shine the brightest.

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6. Smiling for the portrait

dolly parton smiling for the camera with curly hairs and lovely red dress

Dolly Parton takes her fab factor up a notch in this picture, not just with the red dress and dense curls, but she’s also rocking a designer piece adorned with vibrant, artificial pearls. The outfit is a canvas of creativity, each colorful pearl adding a pop of playfulness to the ensemble. It’s not just fashion; it’s a work of art. Dolly’s whole look in this photo is a symphony of style, where every detail, from the designer threads to the lively pearls, paints a picture of unapologetic glamour.

7. The Black Jacket

dolly parton in black jacket matching a vintage hairstyle

Dolly Parton strikes a chord of chic sophistication in a deep black jacket, accentuating the ensemble with a bold stroke of red lipstick. The juxtaposition of the dark jacket against her radiant red lips creates a striking visual harmony. Layers in her hair add depth and dimension, framing her face in a cascade of elegance. It’s a look that marries edgy with classic, and Dolly carries it with an undeniable grace that’s as timeless as it is contemporary.

8. Looking at you

dolly parton clicked looking at the camera

In this picture, Dolly Parton’s love for rings takes center stage. Her fingers adorned with these little treasures tell a story of style and individuality. Each ring seems to have its own tale, adding a touch of Dolly’s personality to her already captivating look. It’s not just about jewelry; it’s about making a statement, and Dolly’s hands do the talking in this picture, showcasing a love for rings that’s as bold and unique as the woman herself.

9. In the studio without a wig and natural hairs

dolly parton in the studio recording

Caught in the creative act, Dolly Parton graces the studio, recording a new song with her natural hair stealing the spotlight. No wig, no fuss, just Dolly in all her authentic glory. The simplicity of her natural look adds a genuine touch to the creative process, proving that greatness doesn’t need a fancy facade. In the studio’s embrace, Dolly shines not just as a legendary artist but as a testament to embracing one’s true self, curls and all.

10. Smile and Shine | Natural photo

dolly parton potrait clicked in the park

Imagine Dolly Parton with her signature long locks, rocking a classic white shirt against a backdrop of lush greenery. The contrast is striking her radiant hair against the crisp white shirt, all set in nature’s vibrant embrace. It’s a picture of timeless simplicity and natural beauty. Dolly effortlessly stands tall in the greenery, a vision of grace that echoes the harmony of the surrounding nature. This snapshot captures a moment where elegance meets the serenity of the outdoors, creating a visual poem of sheer tranquility.

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11. Young Dolly Without Makeup

young dolly parton smiling

Let’s transport ourselves to a time when a young Dolly Parton was the epitome of grace, flashing that infectious smile without a hint of makeup. Now, envision it in black and white—pure vintage elegance. The absence of color doesn’t dim the amazing aura of this picture; it enhances it. Dolly, with her timeless charm, becomes a living testament to the beauty of simplicity, and in black and white, every nuance of her grace is accentuated, making this photo a mesmerizing piece of the past.

12. Early Years

dolly parton early years picture

In the early years of Dolly Parton, her natural beauty and iconic blonde hair stole the show. No need for elaborate makeup; she effortlessly embraced a look that was perfect for any occasion. The simplicity of her style, coupled with the radiant charm of her blonde locks, created a timeless aesthetic. This snapshot captures Dolly in her element, a vision of grace and versatility that proves some looks are eternally perfect.

13. Minimal Makeup

dolly parton wearing a suit and in minimal makeup

Look at Dolly Parton rocking a chill vibe with just a bit of makeup. She’s in this classy white suit, her blonde hair perfectly on point. Picture her sitting in a chair, totally into something important—either giving someone a serious look or really tuning in. It’s a snapshot of elegance and focus, showing how Dolly can be all cool and collected while still keeping it real.

14. Read & Chill

dolly parton reading a book and chilling

So, there’s this cool shot of Dolly Parton, right? She’s all comfy, reading a book, with these cute slippers on her feet. And the best part? She’s got those stylish glasses on. It’s like catching her in the middle of some serious “me time” relaxation. Just Dolly, doing her thing and making it look effortlessly cool.

15. Dolly Parton 2022 Look

dolly parton recent look

Dolly Parton effortlessly charmed everyone in the room with her recent presence, adorned in a stunning designer dress. The magic lies in the fact that this isn’t a throwback; it’s a snapshot of the present. The designer dress accentuates her timeless allure, and Dolly, with her captivating presence, proves that age is just a number when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. This recent picture is not just a fashion statement; it’s a testament to the enduring charm of an icon who continues to dazzle in every era.


Does Dolly Parton still wear wigs all the time?

Yes, Dolly Parton still wears wigs during her performances. She uses a unique solution to keep her wig in place, and the wig also keeps her microphone hidden.

Why does Dolly cover her hands?

Dolly Parton covers her hands with fingerless gloves or long sleeves as a style choice to hide the tattoos she has on her hands, which she originally got to cover up scar tissue.

Why is Dolly Parton’s hair so big?

Dolly Parton’s hair is known for being big and voluminous. This is likely a combination of her natural hair texture, hairstyling techniques, and the use of hairpieces or wigs. She has always been open about the same.

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