11 Shocking Pictures Of Amber Heard Without Makeup

Amber Heard, real name Amber Laura Heard, is an American actress. She is best known for movies like Justice League, Aquaman, the forthcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and more. She became one of the most talked-about entertainment personalities this year after her separation and legal feud with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, became a public matter of concern. Heard also faced backlash over her allegations and court cases from the mainstream media.

Though there is a lot of controversy surrounding the blonde, it cannot be ignored that she is one of the most brilliant and beautiful actresses in the industry. So in the no makeup series articles, we feature some shocking Amber Heard no makeup pictures. So here are the top amber heard no makeup pictures.

1. The Blonde

amber heard blonde hair no makeup

There is no doubt Amber Heard’s acting skills are really amazing. She is also considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. But did you know Amber Heard has naturally blonde and wavy hair? In this picture, the stunning actress can be seen smiling and having a picture clicked. Though, we are not sure if the fans clicked it or if she posed for such a lovely picture. Her hair perfectly blends up with the overall look in this picture.

2. Look Who’s Shopping

amber heard spotted shopping in natural look no makeup

Amber Heard’s old picture, where she can be seen in a store maybe buying some clothes for our no makeup pictures series or maybe went there to make the store go awe. She can be seen in her natural blonde hair wearing a green jacket and making her fans go nuts with her beautiful smile. This picture looks like a picture from the early days of the actress when she dominated television.

3. Why So Serious?

serious amber heard clicked without makeup

If you know why Amber looks so serious here please let us know. The beautiful actress can be seen in her natural look with blonde hair, but this time it’s a straight good hair look. The picture might look funny at first but it seems like someone took her picture without her having any idea about it. Well, the background suggests this picture was clicked outdoors at some mall or maybe a shopping place.

4. Walking Her Pooch

amber heard walking her dog

Amber Heard was snapped in New York while walking her pooch Pistol. The Justice League actress can be seen having a calm look on her face, but her style game is on point. She can be seen wearing a trench coat with a sweater to fight the cold weather. Her hair looks right on point with no trace of makeup on her face. The ankle boots and black skinny pants make the look even better.

5. Shopping Again

amber heard shopping in natural look without any makeup

The picture is similar to that of the third picture on the list. Heard can be seen looking at something and the random picture hence was clicked, without her noticing it. The stunning actress has a natural glow that makes her shine even on no-makeup days. The casual dressing also makes this picture come under the Amber Heard casual dress or everyday look.

6. Morning Mood

amber heard morning picture

The superstar actress can be seen having a causal morning look in this picture. She was spotted wearing a denim shirt with blue jeans and a long coat, which makes a perfect casual look for everyone. Her face is glowing without makeup making us aware that she spends a lot of time keeping her skin on point. This picture clearly shows, how beautiful the actress is without any product or makeup. She wears her natural glow with pride.

7. Los Angeles Picture

amber heard in los angeles

This was clicked when Amber Heard was going to her favorite coffee shop in LA. She can be seen in a very simple look, carrying her phone and a shopping bag, suggesting that she just bought something for herself. She also is carrying her pooch Pistol around and taking him to the place she’s going. The actress is without makeup in this picture as well, she doesn’t even need any form of makeup to surprise her fans.

8. Casual Mornings

casual morning with amber heard with any makeup

Seeing a celebrity in the morning without their makeup may be really shocking for their fans, but that’s not the case with Amber Heard. She is extremely beautiful without any makeup and can rock a designer dress and a casual dress without worrying. Her style statement is to be simple and classy. This picture shows one can dress casually and still carry themselves as an A-lister.

9. Morning Walk Mode

Amber heard in her car without makeup

Till now you have seen a lot of pictures of Amber Heard without any makeup. But, what’s better than seeing her morning look? The US-based actress and model here can be seen reaching for her car doos, after coming from a morning walk. This is one of the prime examples of Amber Heard’s No Makeup pictures, here she can be spotted wearing blue jeans and a gray top.

10. Barbie Doll or Amber

amber heard looking like a doll with brown jacket and long hairs

This a perfect sun-kissed picture of Amber Heard. Here she can be seen wearing a brown jacket with a white t-shirt and black jeans/pants, while holding a book. The brunette and wavy hair with the natural glow make this picture really amazing. Amber has no makeup in this picture, proving that you need makeup to look like a barbie doll most of the time.

11. Where is Amber Going?

amber heard driving a car looking tired with no makeup

This is the only no makeup picture of Amber Heard driving a car. The natural beauty can be seen with a different look. She can be spotted in a casual style. And, her fans might it out that she looks a bit tired in the picture and has a carefree look on her face.


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