10 Pictures of Marilyn Manson With No Makeup

Marilyn Manson is a popular personality in the global entertainment industry. The American singer, songwriter, actor, painter, and writer is well known for his good looks and his controversial statements. Born Brian Hugh Warner, on January 5, 1969, the 59-year-old started as a lead singer in a local band and then achieved the heights of his stardom with his music. The controversial figure in heavy metal music is also famous for his looks, and people are always curious about how their favorite star looks without makeup. Although he is famous for his looks with makeup, which he is indeed obsessed with in real life. But, at times, he has been spotted in raw and rugged looks, which shocked his fans and others around the world.

10 Marilyn Manson Pictures Without Makeup:

1. Early days of the rockstar

The metal prodigy in his early days was a charmer. His clean-shaven look with colored hair makes him an easy-to-spot public figure. He can be seen holding a glass, ensuring that he went to a party or gathering without any makeup. He shines as being extremely hot in this picture, confirming that he went to this party as a classy singer and made everybody in awe of his looks. The younger Marilyn shows how it’s important to keep changing looks. His long hair was also considered a symbol of being a musician back in the day. Or one could also say the singers and musicians preferred long hair.

2. Criminal in a movie

The infamous criminal Marilyn Manson’s picture comes from a movie where your favorite star can be seen wearing an orange cloth. In the above picture, the multi-talented star sits without any makeup, and his bearded look makes him look more mature and rough. He was heavily appreciated in this role and had one of the best looks he has ever had in a movie. Though the role would have been challenging since he’s a rockstar, he performed it well and shocked the audience. 

3. The show stopper

What’s better than having a show-stopper look? Marilyn Manson was seen at LAX International Airport walking with a full black look. The camera took great pictures of him in a black suit and black shades. And, the black shoe was an added touch. This makeup-free picture of him reminds everyone that he is the most stylish dude in the industry. The long coat was in fashion in those days, and stars like Marilyn preferred it as their go-to airport look.

4. Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson are considered some of the best friends in the industry. Their friendship dates back to the 90s, when both of them were in their prime. It is also said that Manson is the godfather of Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose. In this picture, both Depp and Manson can be seen wearing stylish shades, and the rockstar is so casual with him that he has no makeup on him without a question. This picture is one of the most iconic pictures of these two legends together.

5. Chilling outdoor

Marilyn with a violin. The combination sounds really disgusting, but in this picture, he can be seen holding a violin, which he is indeed playing. He also has dirt on his clothes, which makes us think about what he is doing exactly in the middle of a forest. Not sure what he is doing with baggy jeans and some nice printed shirts. But, it is clear he loves to spend his time outside with no makeup. Keeping that real look alive.

6. Courtroom look

Marilyn is no stranger to allegations and courtroom hearings. This picture comes from one of those times when he was alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman. A lot of other similar cases have been registered against the music icon, which kept him in the eyes of the media as well as the court. His fiance also came up with a similar allegation. But, the singer was denied all the allegations by the court. Here, in this picture, his look resembles that of a serious person in a black suit with no makeup who is there to solve some issues.

7. I love to read

The multi-talented star loves to read, and it can be seen easily in this picture. He is holding a book with a well-designed cover. And, he is in his reading zone without makeup. It is also well known that the man of many talents had immense respect and love for music. And, this is why he has always been a reader and has read many books. He also has got his biography penned by Neil Strauss, which raises eyebrows.

8. Animal Lover

The famous prodigy has a great love for animals. This picture surfaced on Reddit when a user found that Marilyn loves animals. He can be seen holding a Koala as if it’s a baby. This picture has him with a very weird look, wearing a cap with a backpack on. Almost gives the feeling that he is there for a trip or to specifically see animals. 

9. Casual Look

No makeup on, a serious look and casually dressed, this picture defines perfection in every sense. This look is probably loved by us so much that we gave it a feature. Manson can be seen wearing a black shirt with his hair set and looking right into the camera. This look shows how Manson can remain simple without makeup and decorative clothes. He also rocks his look casually. 

10. Rocking the lipstick

Manson is crazy about makeup, and lipstick is a must for it. But in this makeup-free look, he just put lipstick on. He can be seen wearing cool shades with red lipstick. This is one of those rare pictures that fans would love to see. If you are a Marilyn Manson fan, then you must check this picture out. He can rock just a simple lipstick and make it look classy.


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