10 Shocking Ariana Grande No Makeup Pictures

Ariana Grande, real name Ariana Grande Butera, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and model. She started her career at a very young age and rose to fame very quickly because of her voice, style of singing, and looks.

She got signed with Republic records in the year 2011, and then in 2013 she went on to release her Debut album ‘Truly Yours’ which reached US Billboard Top 100 charts.

Grande has since then been continuously making music and releasing jaw-dropping records. She has been experimenting with various genres like EDM, Future pop, and more, which has led her to release chart-topping albums like ‘My Everything’, ‘Dangerous Women’, Sweetener, Thank U, Next, and the list goes on.

Her list of collaborations is also something to look at. She has collaborated with promising artists such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and more, which makes her one of the best female singers on the planet.

The critically acclaimed singer has received a lot of media attention in her career, both negative and positive. But, she never let it impact her musical career and went on to receive multiple accolades like Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, American Music Awards, Guinness World Record, and a lot more.

She is also famous for one thing and that is her looks. Her fans are always searching for her no-makeup pictures to find out how she looks without makeup. This is why we have curated a list of Arianda Grande No Makeup pictures for you to find out how your favorite artist looks without makeup.

1. Shirt On

ariana grande wearing a shirt without any makeup

This picture is a big surprise for Ariana Grande fans. She’s in her back-to-classics look, it feels. With straight hair, no makeup, and an innocent look on her face, this picture surely has a chance of going viral. It is a big surprise for her fans because the singer can not be spotted in such pictures at the moment. Make sure to download this image and send it to Ariana.

We surely dig this look Ariana!

Well, have you checked the Marilyn Manson no makeup pictures or maybe Dolly Parton no makeup pictures?

The pictures are really shocking. Do not start hating on us after seeing their pictures.

2. The morning look

ariana grande morning mood no makeup

When was the last time you saw Ariana’s morning face? This picture is a perfect selfie by the singer herself. She is directly looking into the camera, with her gorgeous eyes. The straight hair does tell us some stories about her haircare routine. It is no doubt that the singer perfectly knows how to stay without makeup and still rock the look.

3. The gorgeous selfie

ariana grande selfie no makeup

Well, this is the perfect no-makeup look for the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter. Hope you all agree that her regular no-makeup look is absolutely stunning. The text in the picture says my bags are packed(they are under my eyes), indicating that she is talking about her eyes.

4. Are these pictures allowed?

ariana grande nickelodeon phase no makeup

Not sure whether this is from the Nickelodeon phase or someone just clicked her picture when she was a kid. She looks cute without any makeup, and her natural glow is well-maintained. This could also be a picture from the early singing days when she thought of getting a picture clicked for her shows. She looks super innocent here with no makeup at all. But a few spots of brush strokes can be seen if you observe it carefully.

5. The face pack glow

ariana grande facepack no makeup

This is a fun picture posted by Ariana on her Instagram. It feels like she is applying a face pack. Who knows, maybe she applied a lot of makeup after this picture or maybe this is a regular cleansing routine. We, as fans, know one thing for sure, when it comes to Grande’s skincare routine, she is always on point. If someone knows what exactly this is please mention it in the comment section below.

6. Friends & Snapchat

ariana grande snapchat with friends

Yeah! You need to spend time with your best ones without fail. Also, without any makeup. The picture mentions Besties, we are not really aware of the guys who are making her fans jealous in the picture. But they surely know how Ariana looks without makeup. Since they are her besties, they will also know about her regular routines.

7. A nice day

ariana grande having a nice day

Just a cute picture of Ariana looking at the camera. This picture might be clear, but no one is sure if Ariana is wearing makeup here or not. By looking at what we can see, the Grammy-winning singer’s looks are perfectly on point. But, since there is no touch-up or photoshop involved, it makes us believe that this is a no makeup picture of your favorite female singer.

8. Internet-winning Pout

ariana grande looking serious

Well, there is probably some makeup here. But yeah, this picture can win the internet. The best part about this picture is that Arianda doesn’t shy away from showing her true self to the camera. She has a snapback on, it seems, and is taking a picture of herself to see how she looks without any makeup.

9. Enjoying the rain

ariana grande enjoying the rain

What do you do when it rains? You go out and enjoy yourself like Ariana Grande. Just like any other normal human being, celebrities love to get out in the rain and enjoy it. The picture shows how tiring it can be with so many cameras, crowds, and heavy makeup, that one needs to go out and have a chill pill without makeup or fancy clothing.

10. Nickelodeon loves Ariana

ariana grande nickelodeon phase

No one loves Ariana more than her Nickelodeon fans. She looks gorgeous with red hair and a smile on her face. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that Grande was a famous star back in the Nickelodeon days. She was known as Cat Valentine in Victorious and starred in a spin-off show called Sam and Cat, with Sam Puckett from iCarly.

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