Universal Audio Launches Free Luna DAW Beta for Windows Users

Universal Audio announced that its analogue-inspired Luna digital audio workstation is now finally available for Windows as a free beta.

Luna, previously exclusive to macOS users with Universal Audio Apollo interfaces, is now accessible to all Windows and Mac users.

As Luna becomes compatible with both major operating systems, it is poised to join the ranks of the best free DAW applications.

The developer touts Luna as a next-generation DAW, describing it as the “only recording software with the sound of classic studio equipment like analog console summing and tape machine emulations, built right in.”

To get your free copy of Luna, simply submit your email address on the product page.

To run the Luna Windows beta, you’ll need to download the free UA Connect software.

Luna is available in two tiers: the free tier and the Luna Pro bundle.

Luna Pro is currently priced at $199, discounted from its list price of $399, and includes a variety of Universal Audio plugins.

Luna sessions are cross-compatible between macOS and Windows users, though with some limitations.

UAD-2 and UADx plugins, as well as Luna extensions, are fully cross-compatible.

However, the macOS version of Luna uses the AU format, while the Windows version uses VST3.

This means settings on third-party AU plugins from macOS sessions won’t load for Windows users.

Universal Audio plans to bring VST3 to the macOS version of Luna, making it 100% cross-compatible between macOS and Windows for third-party VST3 plugins. The timeline for this update has not been disclosed.

Luna is designed to deliver a vintage analog sound.

Universal Audio claims it allows you to “experience a mix as if you were seated at a vintage console, complete with analog tape machines, built-in summing, and flexible mixing options.”

Luna is user-friendly for beginners, with mixing driven by tags and presets.

There are also hours of tutorials available, featuring artist sessions from Luis Cato, Atticus Ross, Cold War Kids, Cass McCombs, and more.

Ease of collaboration is another key feature of Luna, with a one-button session export to facilitate quick collaborations.

For a comprehensive overview, check out the product page.

Download: Luna (FREE – Windows Beta now available / Pro Bundle $199)

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