Somerville Sounds Unveils Free Plugin ‘The Meyer Choir’

Somerville Sounds launched The Meyer Choir plugin, a free release for Mac and Windows.

The plugin is available through a ‘pay what you like’ model, allowing you to donate to the developer or download it for free.

The Meyer Choir is compatible with AU, VST3, and AAX formats.

Somerville Sounds describes The Meyer Choir as a “perfectly imperfect family choir,” and it’s definitely not your average choir plugin.

The instrument includes eight samples featuring the voices of Jon Meyer’s family members.

The voices are Dad, Mom, and Meyer’s two young sons, Luke and Austin.

The vocal instrument is heavily processed, so it doesn’t sound like a family singalong.

Instead, The Meyer Choir produces a range of eerie and otherworldly choir sounds.

Meyer demonstrates the available sounds and presets in a demo video hosted on the product page.

Along with traditional sounds, the plugin offers quirky presets such as Chiff-munks, No Girls Aloud, and Polka Dots.

The Meyer Choir is the second release in Somerville Sounds’ Prototypes range, a series of free plugins.

Meyer provided insight into the design of The Meyer Choir in the demo video, saying on the front page of the plugin, “There’s nothing to do, open [it] up and make sounds.”

Clicking the gears icon at the top right of the plugin opens the settings page, which includes presets, individual volumes and mutes for each voice, and a dry/wet control.

Meyer explained the characteristics of The Meyer Choir, saying, “These sounds are stretched a long way. So when you get to the root note of the sound, it sounds very normal, and then when it’s pitched a lot until it gets to the next note, it sounds kind of otherworldly, which I really like.”

To download the plugin, you need to provide an email address and other personal details as if it were a physical purchase.

The developer states that The Meyer Choir is “a dedicated standalone plug-in that does not require Kontakt [and] works in all major DAWs.”

The release is compatible with Windows 7 or newer and Mac OS X 11 or newer (Intel and Apple Silicon supported).

The plugin is a 64-bit exclusive for both operating systems and requires a minimum of 8 GB RAM. The download size is approximately 353 MB.

Download: The Meyer Choir

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