Suyash Unleashes Fusion-Pop Delight ‘More Saiyaan’

Suyash has unleashed the Fusion-pop/Dance-pop sensation, “More Saiyaan,” featuring the enchanting vocals of Sadaat Shafqat Amanat and folk virtuoso Utpal Udit. Crafted with precision by Suyash and mixed by Coke Studio maestro Md Ishaq Nazir, the track seamlessly blends ethnic vibes with modern dance beats, urging listeners to succumb to its irresistible rhythm.

Released recently, “More Saiyaan” weaves a narrative of passionate love with a spiritual undertone, creating a versatile and emotionally charged experience. The folk-inspired composition ensures an unyielding energy, climaxing with the iconic ‘Mora Saiyaan mose bole na.’ Having hit the airwaves, this musical journey promises to captivate audiences, marking a significant chapter in the ongoing legacy of this musical lineage.

Listen now –


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