Mark M Thompson’s ‘Something Wicked’ Showcases UK Music Scene’s Hidden Gem

Amid the unexpected wave of Covid lockdowns, as many turned to binge-watching series and playing video games, some individuals harnessed their time and creative energy to embark on unique ventures. Mark M Thompson’s latest single, “Something Wicked,” unfolds as a testament to this creative resilience.

This musical gem is among the initial releases from Mark’s collection of songs born during the lockdown. “Something Wicked” is more than just an instrumental heavy blues rocker; it’s a heartfelt tribute to Mark’s everlasting musical hero, the late and great Jeff Beck. The track, enriched by the talents of Sam John Mercer on bass and Jeff Leach on soaring Hammond organ, becomes a soulful manifestation of artistic homage.

Mark M Thompson, renowned for his prowess as a guitarist with diverse touring and recording credits, boasts collaborations with luminaries like Sarah Brightman, Paul McCartney, The BBC’S Strictly Come Dancing house band, and Slash. Beyond the spotlight, Mark is a behind-the-scenes maestro, intricately arranging and producing shows for various acts. His occasional features in the online magazine Production Expert showcase his versatility.

Amidst his musical journey, Brian May once remarked, “You have an incredibly interesting voice,” offering a glimpse into the unique sonic signature that Mark brings to his craft. A&R legend Tom Zutaut goes a step further, dubbing him the “UK music scene’s best-kept secret weapon”—a title that, whether compliment or enigma, adds to the mystique surrounding this extraordinary artist.

As “Something Wicked” resonates, it invites listeners to delve into the creative depths forged during challenging times. Mark M Thompson, with his enigmatic voice on the guitar, continues to be a force in the music industry, transcending accolades and acclaim. “Something Wicked” not only stands as a remarkable musical creation but also unveils a chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of a musician who remains, perhaps purposefully, one of the UK music scene’s best-kept secrets.

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