Flandersh Tech Drops FREE Dynamension Creative Compressor for Windows

Last week, Flandersh Tech introduced the free Dynamension Creative Dynamic Processor plugin for Windows.

Dynamension, consistent with all plugins from Flandersh Tech, is available solely as a VST3, 64-bit release.

Flandersh Tech describes Dynamension as breaking away from the traditional structure of compressors and expanders, enabling users to “feed the main path, sidechain, and gain control with creative effects.”

The developer notes that Dynamension is perfect for those who want to control delay time with the momentary loudness of a track, apply instrument compression, or use a gentle hard-knee limiter.

There is no official demo of Dynamension in action, but a user demo is available on YouTube for those interested in hearing it before installation.

The plugin includes a compressor, gate, expander, dynamic EQ, and delay.

It also features types of loudness detection: peak, RMS, and momentary. Dynamension has a modular main path and a side-chain feature.

Other features include a hard-knee limiter, mid/side processing mode, and a preset selector.

The unique setup of the processor’s sections and the integration of effects offer a distinctive point of difference, potentially sparking creativity in productions.

The plugin’s setup files can be downloaded with a single click from the product page. Note that Windows 8.1 or newer is required. Dynamension does not support macOS.

Dynamension is the 11th plugin from Flandersh Tech, all available for free download on the developer’s website.

Download: Dynamension (FREE)

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