Hollance Unveils FREE Filter & Saturation Plugin ‘Kruch’

Hollance releases Krunch, a FREE filter and saturation effect for macOS and Windows.

Krunch combines a low-pass filter and saturation effect. The plugin is based on the One Euro Filter, an algorithm designed to filter noisy signals.

The One Euro Filter uses a first-order low-pass filter to stabilize signals by reducing jitter and lag.

It achieves this through an adaptive cutoff frequency: at low speeds, the low cutoff reduces jitter, and at higher speeds, the cutoff is increased to reduce lag.

The One Euro Filter is popular because it is relatively easy to implement and effective without draining resources.

Using this concept, Krunch dynamically adds harmonics and character with minimal effort.

A glance at the interface shows that Krunch is easy to use, with only a few controls to navigate. The main dial, Krunch, is front and center, and the higher it is cranked, the more the sound is filtered.

The effect can be heard even at lower levels. So there is no need to push it too far.

Above the Krunch dial, there are Mix and Out sliders.

The Mix slider controls the blend of wet and dry signals. Increasing the dry signal might allow for more of the Krunch effect while maintaining the right balance. The Out slider compensates for any reduction in output level post-filtering.

Oversampling (OVS) is available to reduce aliasing, and a bypass button (BYP) allows A/B testing.

Although Krunch is easy to use, a suggested workflow is available on the GitHub page. It advises starting with the Mix at 100%, cranking the Krunch until it sounds nasty, and then pulling back the Mix.

Krunch is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Krunch (FREE)

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