Sonniss Unveils FREE Game Audio Collection

Sonniss has launched the GDC 2024 Game Audio Bundle, featuring over 27.5 GB of diverse sound assets, all available for free.

Sonniss operates as a retailer of sound libraries, allowing vendors and sound designers to sell their sample packs. The sound range includes environmental ambiance, tool noises, footsteps, animal sounds, and much more.

Every year during the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Sonniss releases a large collection of curated sounds from various libraries for free.

The GDC 2024 Game Audio Bundle continues this tradition, offering over 600 WAV files selected from numerous sound libraries.

Each year’s bundle includes a fresh collection of sounds from the past year’s additions to Sonniss. Even if previous bundles have been downloaded, this year’s bundle provides new and unique sounds.

The bundle covers a wide array of sounds, such as different environmental ambiences, gun sounds, car engines, and synthesized alien sounds. The complete list can be viewed here.

The meticulous file naming can be a valuable resource for those interested in sound design and the recording process. For example, “Staircase_Metal_Rumble_Rattling_Vibrate_Debris_D100_Seismic_Activities_03.Wav” provides specific details about the recording equipment, items used, location, and sound source.

These sounds, while designed for game audio and sound designers, are also suitable for other audio projects, including music production.

Sonniss allows the use of these sounds without requiring attribution, and they can be used in unlimited projects for a lifetime, avoiding potential copyright issues.

The Licensing Agreement has been updated, so reviewing it for detailed information is recommended.

For additional usage, the corresponding sound libraries can be explored on the Sonniss website.

The GDC 2024 Game Audio Bundle is a comprehensive sound library with thousands of WAV files available as zip files.

Download: GDC 2024 – Game Audio Bundle (FREE – 9-part zip file, 27.5GB+ Download)

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