Velveteen Rabbit Unleashes Debut EP

Hailing from Holland, Velveteen Rabbit has wasted no time in earning their reputation as the “Noise Merchants” with their raucous and daring new songs. Their highly-anticipated debut EP has hit the airwaves, and it’s a wild ride of noise and energy.

Drawing inspiration from the rawness of early PJ Harvey, infused with a hint of Bad Brains and a grainy essence of METZ, Velveteen Rabbit blurs the lines between punk rock, grunge, and metal. Their live performances are electric, filled with contagious energy and unexpected style shifts that keep fans on their toes.

According to the band, each song is a cinematic experience, meticulously crafted to create the best audible shape, regardless of the musical style. Velveteen Rabbit has already made their mark on the festival circuit, gracing stages at Appelpop Festival, and sharing the spotlight with War On Women and Beware of Banshees Festival.

The EP, featuring four powerful tracks, including the teaser “My Stitches Itch,” has been a labor of love. The band underwent a drummer change and dedicated time to refine their sound and mixes, resulting in a final product that speaks volumes of their dedication to their craft. The EP’s striking album cover, painted by Joost Vervoort from metal band Terzij de Horde, captures the essence of the music, making it an artful and potent package.

With the year of the rabbit upon us, Velveteen Rabbit is ready to make their presence known on the global music stage. Their debut EP is a declaration of their unapologetic and distinctive sound, promising an exhilarating journey for all who venture into their world of noise, passion, and uninhibited expression.

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