Indian Rap Artist & MTV Hustle fame “King Rocco” Turns Down Big Boss 15 Offer

MTV “HUSTLE” fame Arpan Kumar Chandel, professionally known as King or King Rocco, is an Indian singer, rapper, and hip-hop artist. Originally he belongs to Delhi. From a very tender age, when he was on 8th standard, he dreamt of becoming a rapper someday, attaining huge fame and loads of fan love. Initially, he used to make rap videos and release them on various social media platforms. However, his journey as a rapper started holding the hands of MTV Hustle 2019. In this show, he was seen performing before renowned rappers, Raftaar, Nucleya, and Raja Kumari. By his very first performance, he won the hearts of the judges as well as of the audience. Even Nucleya offered him to work on one of his albums.

Now Arpan Kumar Chandel is known across India by his stage name King and has achieved a huge fan following. He utilized YouTube to release his songs and has eventually achieved great success in it. His ability to connect with his fans, what they want, which type of songs will they like- is one of his biggest perks. One of King’s major albums is- the Carnival, which features eight tracks like “She Don’t Give A”, “Thoda Samjha Karo”, “Dracula”, “90’s”, “Mafia”, “Let the Eyes Talk”, “IICONIC” and “Tu Aake Dekhle”. Each of these tracks paints a different story portraying different stages of our life. Through these songs, he expresses his emotions and deep feelings about love life and tries to share motivation among all of us. As per his fans, King never fails to add a unique vibe to his songs, playing with melodies and lyrics. In his journey of winning hearts and creating content songs, experimenting with lyrics, he never fails to give a hit.

Now, regarding the nominations for Big Boss 15, there has been a lot of controversies. On various social media platforms, news has been spread that BB 15 is going to take one singing artist- Now who is it going to be? BB 15 had sent an invitation to King to join their show, but he seems to have turned their offer down. His Instagram story, where he mentioned that “Right now he has other important works to do” has created great controversy. Questions have been arising like ” Will this decision be beneficial for his career? Did he take any wrong decision turning the offer down?” But according to King, he seems to prioritize his songs more than these reality shows, and right now he wants to focus on his career. He wants to make more songs and albums and work on different genres. For him, fame and success mean “only his songs”. Fortunately, it seems that most of his fans liked this decision made by him and wish him luck and success in his upcoming days.


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