Best Plugins for Melodies in FL Studio

FL Studio is the biggest DAW or Digital Audio Workstation which empowers millions of sound designers, producers, musicians/artists to be creative with the sounds they love. The native bundle itself has the best plugins required to produce the best music or sound. You can just use a vst from the bundle and fiddle around a bit to get the perfect sounding melody. Here’s our pick for the best melody plugins in FL Studio.

5 Best Plugins for Melodies in FL Studio-

1. Sytrus –

Sytrus is one of the best instrument or vsti in the native FL Studio bundle. It’s a powerhouse to design the type of sounds that you want. The synth has a unique touch to it’s user interface which makes it look a bit difficult. But it very easy to use once you get the hold of it. It features 6 customizable for operators RM and FM synthesis.

It can produce a variety of sounds like bass, pads, keys, plucks, bells and more. You can also patch an entire loop or a single drum sample to create the sound that you want.

The possibility it provides you to create the sound that you want is very huge. Make sure to learn the ins & outs of Sytrus to produce the type of melody that you want.

2. 3x OSC

What’s better than 2x oscillators? It 3x oscillators. The powerful subtractive synthesizer has been used since 2000. It is capable of producing any sound that you want. The best basslines and melodies can be created using 3x OSC. The interface made by the team at image-line is very intuitive and it can be learned very easily.

The producers who love FL Studio know very well how 3x OSC can empower them to create the sounds that they want.

3. Harmor

Like the predecessor Harmless, Harmor has made the life of producers very easy. It is powered by additive synthesis engine which lets you produce the sound you want. This plugins offer more freedom to creatively paint your ideas on the canvas.

You can also manipulate the audio sample without losing the quality which was not provided by the traditional tools. You are draw filters, shape LFO and gain precise control of the overall sound.

4. GMS

The groove machine synth or GMS may look like an old hardware synth, but it’s a heavily powered hybrid synth that let’s you create the type of sounds that you want. The patch/presets that are featured with the plugin is heavily customizable and ready to use. You can just create a song entirely with it.

GMS has a depth & warmness to all the sounds which removed the processing which is generally required to make a sound warm. Start using GMS to make your melodies and your tracks will sound special.

5. DirectWave Sampler

DirectWave might be the odd one on the list but it’s a powerful sampler that can help you import your favourite sample and create the sound that want. The default preset is also very powerful and let’s you make the best tunes.

Though the default plugin provided with the FL Studio is a player. But upgrading it opens up an array of opportunity to play with the synth and create the best sounds, that are highly customizable and high-quality.

But, what if you are a producer who wants to quickly produce the best melodies without investing so much time into customizations. Then, help yourself with these 3rd party fire plugins which help you create the best melodies in FL Studio or any of your favorite DAW.

10 Best 3rd Party Plugins for Melodies in FL Studio-

1. Alchemy

Alchemy is a hybrid instrument plugin created by Camel Audio. The company calls it the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer. It is a powerful synth indeed, all thanks to the UI which offers great control parameters. The default library provided with the plugin contains top-notch ready to use sounds. You can just bounce your sound bank or use the sounds created by the best sound designers. 

2. Analog Lab

Analog Lab by Arturia is a must have synth for people who love melodies. It is a combination of dozens of instruments/presets which lets you create the right feeling in your track. It is also immensely popular among the producers who like to produce trance, edm, hip hop and more. Having an impressive collection of iconic retro sounds from the V series makes it one of the favorite vsts for producers who love to play with melodies. So breathe a new life into your mix with Analog Lab by Arturia. 

3. Arp 2600

The ARP 2600 is an emulation of the retro synth Korg 2600. It is all time favorite for people who love to produce vintage style tracks. There are numerous ways you can use it to make new sounds. It might not be wrong to say that you can patch it an infinite amount of times to produce the next big hit. From bass sounds to leads and plucks you can create everything with ease with this plugin. It is a true gem from outer space that is combined with engineering to produce futuristic sounds.

4. Dune 3

The legendary plugin Dune has been a household name for trance producers across the globe. But, it is not limited to a single genre. Dune 3 has come after its successor Dune 2 which was a global hit. It set the standard for other plugins. The team at Synapse audio did a great work on sound quality and patches that helped this synth become a favorite one for the producers. You can work with dual filters, arpeggiators and wave shapers to create your own signature sound.

5. Electra2

Electra2 is the most powerful soft synthesizer in the market. The approach used to design this melody powerhouse synth is versatile from the existing syths in the market. The plugin is mostly known for its high quality sound and multilayer support. The thing which breathes life to it is it’s user interface which is so easy to learn and it’s low CPU requirement making it one of the best melody synths to use.

6. Mellotron

The keyword with the power of an orchestra. Created by Aurturia who are already known to make some of the best soft synths, Mellotron is a power pack who want to breathe their productions with Vintage organic sounds. It brings the sonic imperfections of the musical world to reality. The sounds on this vsti is inspired by the best producers and engineers of the golden era. More than 65 original sounds in the default bank and different tape effects makes the ready to be used without much customization.

7. Omnisphere

Omnisphere by Spectrasonic is known to have a big name in the industry. The number of presets that you can use this big boy is huge. From little pluck sounds to make guitar basses, Omnisphere can create any sound that you want. All the top artists on the globe are in love with it for its great UI and top rated experience. The more you explore this synth the more you are going to fall in love with it. It also supports a big list of hardware synths which helps you plugin your device and rock it without any issues.

8. Spire

Spire by Reveal Sounds in a truly inspirational synth. It came as a competitor of Sylenth1 but immediately made a name for itself in the market as a truly different synth with fat sounds. EDM producers produced some of their biggest hits using this synth. The multiple layering feature combined with filters and ADSR parameters made this synth really huge. Additionally, the presets on this synth made it a most used one.


9. SQ8L

SQ8L or SQ8X is modeled on Ensoniq’s classic 1980s synth SQ80. It may look like a very tiny plugin at first but this is a powerhouse for people who produce retro style stuff. The lo-fi filter on this plugin separates it from any other plugin on the list which helps it deliver the dirty low fid sound that is on the trend. The warm analog touch to the sound is something that is liked by the producers who use this synth. This scythe may look very boring at first but as you fiddle around you get to learn more about it.

10. Sylenth1

Sylenth1 might be the most used synth on this list. It is really popular among the producer circle because of the easy to use interface and preset navigation section. Popularized by the famous producers in the EDM scene, Sylenth1 has a huge fan base around it. Lennar Digital the company behind this product wanted to create something simple yet effective synth with properties of Hardware synths. And, this is how they came up with Sylenth1. It is also famous for its low CPU usage which makes it even more producer friendly.


Are FL Studio plugins any good?

Yes! The native FL Studio plugins can achieve the results that you get with the 3rd party plugins if you know how to use them well. The plugins created by the team at image-line has modelled most of the native plugins from great pieces of hardware.

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