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FREE Vocal Plugin Suite ‘VocalFIXit’ By Psycho Circuitry

Psycho Circuitry unveils VocalFIXit, a suite of three innovative tools designed to refine vocal recordings effortlessly.

Vocal processing tools often overlook crucial elements like de-essers, bleeds, and clicks, but not anymore.

VocalFIXit offers both free and paid versions, ensuring accessibility to all users. Even the free version provides substantial capabilities for addressing common vocal imperfections.\

Included in the free version are three essential processors: a plosive suppressor, a de-click module, and a mic bleed handler. While these modules offer simplified controls compared to the paid version, their effectiveness remains uncompromised.

The sensitivity and delta controls enable precise adjustments, facilitating swift and efficient workflow without sacrificing quality.

Although lacking some advanced features like VCA saturation found in the paid version, VocalFIXit, when paired with complementary plugins, delivers exceptional results at an affordable price point.

While the processors support mono tracks exclusively, this limitation proves inconsequential for most vocal recordings.

Installation and usage are hassle-free, with plugins compatible across Windows 10, 11, and MacOS, including Big Sur. Plus, there’s no need for account registration or complex management software.

Experience the power of VocalFIXit today, with options available for both free and paid versions, starting at an introductory price of $19.

Download now: VocalFixit

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