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iZotope Drops Trash Lite An Iconic Distortion Plugin

iZotope rolled out Trash Lite, a complimentary distortion plugin crafted on the foundation of their latest commercial release, Trash (€109).

If you’re immersed in the world of VST plugins, chances are you’ve encountered iZotope Trash. It’s revered as a legendary distortion plugin and once reigned as one of iZotope’s flagship products prior to the advent of Ozone and other contemporary tools.

But what’s the buzz about Trash Lite?

Essentially, it’s Trash version 3. However, iZotope has opted for simplicity by retaining the moniker Trash.

What’s more intriguing for thrifty music producers like us is the release of Trash Lite—an entirely free iteration of the plugin.

Despite a trimmed-down feature set, Trash Lite pleasantly surprised me during a spontaneous test run earlier today with its sound quality and adaptability.

The revamped interface won me over as well. It exudes modernity and cleanliness without compromising on user-friendliness. Unlike some modern interfaces that prioritize aesthetics over usability, Trash Lite strikes a harmonious balance.

Upon loading Trash Lite into your preferred DAW, the functions of each parameter become self-evident.

The focal point is the centrally-positioned Trash module, where you can tweak the distortion algorithm, gain amount, tone, and mix. The versatility of the distortion module is truly commendable.

I experimented with applying intense distortion to a drum loop, then utilized the tone control to temper its aggressiveness, ultimately adjusting the mix knob to achieve a more assertive yet discernible drum loop.

With a whopping 60 distortion modes to explore, the possibilities for sound design experimentation are boundless. For those who prefer a plug-and-play approach, iZotope offers a plethora of presets to kickstart your creative journey.

While the distortion module steals the spotlight, Trash Lite offers more than meets the eye.

You’ll also find a nifty randomization tool—ideal for sparking inspiration during sound design rut—and a limiter mode with auto-gain to prevent volume mishaps when tinkering with extreme distortion levels.

If you crave additional features like multi-band processing and convolution, consider upgrading to the paid version of Trash. However, if you seek a versatile distortion plugin to inject vigor into your sounds, Trash Lite proves to be an exceptional choice (much like our complimentary BPB Dirty Filter Plus plugin).

Trash Lite is compatible with VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for both Windows and macOS. Additionally, you can grab it as a free iOS app for the iPad. While the standard Trash plugin typically retails for €109, it’s currently discounted to €87.20 (saving you €21.80).

Download: Trash Lite (174 MB download size)

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