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FREE Pitch Shifter ‘Pitchmunk’ By Vox Samples

Vox Samples introduces Pitchmunk, a versatile pitch shifter plugin available for both Windows and Mac systems.

While pitch shifters might not be every producer’s go-to tool, they offer intriguing possibilities, especially for those diving into sonic experimentation.

Pitchmunk simplifies the pitch-shifting process with intuitive controls, including pitch and formant adjustments, alongside a filter, drive, and mix knob.

With a range spanning two octaves up or down, Pitchmunk allows for drastic pitch manipulation without overwhelming users with technical complexities.

The formant control offers added flexibility, with the option to follow the assigned pitch or disable for creative exploration.

Although the filter operates as a standard low-pass filter, its inclusion proves invaluable for refining high frequencies to seamlessly blend with your mix.

The drive knob adds character, offering subtle warmth or grit at higher settings, while the mix knob facilitates parallel processing without the need for intricate routing setups.

While primarily designed for vocals, Pitchmunk’s versatility extends to various sound sources, offering a freeware alternative to renowned pitch shifter plugins like Little AlterBoy and Waves Vocal Bender.

Experience the magic of Pitchmunk today, available as a free download for both VST3 and AU formats on Vox Samples’ website.

Download: Pitchmunk (FREE)

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