Listen To Rushaki's Newest Single 'Breathe Again'

‘Breathe Again’, is Rushaki’s solo debut single from her debut album. One of the darker and heavier tracks from the project. ‘Breathe Again’ talks about her constant internal battles with negative thoughts and the shadow self.

Rushaki is a music producer and a singer-songwriter whose music is inspired by multiple genres of music she’d heard while growing up. Initially starting out with performances in local venues in Pune in 2017, she joined Coffee For Giraffes’s indie-rock band soon after. She has played many festivals and venues with them in Pune, Mumbai, Pondicherry and more.

After working in the periphery of the music industry as a writer and event organizer for a few years, the self-proclaimed misfit now wishes to tell the stories of her peculiar thoughts and introspective self-conversations through her music. Her knack in writing and poetry along with an experimental approach to sonics is what she hopes to put forth as an artist.

The song is accompanied by an official music video directed by Anurag Sharma. They are featuring Apoorva Negi as the shadow, the visuals representing a fight between the real and the shadow self.

‘Breathe Again’ is out now, streaming on all major platforms. Listen to ‘Breathe Again’ below: