Stenfer’s New EP ‘Afterlife’ Is A Must Listen

The extremely gifted artist, Stenfer is heating up the electronic music scene with his new EP ‘Afterlife’. Trying to gift his audience a spectacular experience of 12 minutes, Stenfer truly makes these four songs with utmost experimental efforts.

The Delhi-based music producer portrays the tracks through drums and bass electronic music genre trying to express the different feelings he had while composing the songs. Through the amalgamation of perfect sounds, Stenfer does justice to his style of showcasing music which holds something unique. Keeping the fresh vibes, the sounds bring a story to life which makes the four tracks an integrated portrayal of emotions leading to one journey instead of four different songs displaying four different paths.

Stenfer, with his years of experience with music, has released ‘Afterlife’ in the best way possible. There is no denial that he knows the best of how to use sounds to make people captivate in a unique way.

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