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Top 10 Best DJ Schools in India

IntroductionTop 10 Best DJ Schools in India

DJ or Disk Jokey is one of the trending career option in India right now. Back in the days, DJing was only treated as a hobby or freelancing opportunity. But, the tables have turned.

This is also one of most prominent reasons why some great Music Academy’s in India have started focusing on DJing.

DJing has become a great career option for people who love playing, editing and remixing music.

Huge credit to the EDM community and remixing industry due to which DJing became a big career option. None of this would be possible if the Electronic Music wave didn’t catch India.

How much does a DJ Earn in India?

The earning potential of a DJ in India is around Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10000 per night. However, if you brand yourself well, you are easily going to make Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000 per show. This data could vary depending upon the location and other factors.

In order to be able to earn well as a DJ. One needs to have a great knowledge about songs and also be able to continuously upskill and learn about beatmatching, cues, loops, scratching and more.

You must be asking yourself a question right now.

Can all this be learned for free? Yes! Like any other industry DJ schools have their online modules and there are of tons of free resources on the internet from where you can learn how to DJ.

But, the only problem is unavailability of the console at your disposal which makes it hard for your to learn how to DJ or the console being costly and unaffordable for many.

In order to be able to use the tools well. You will need a lot of practice with it and this is where the DJ academies comes to the picture.

DJ Academy in India teach a variety of modules from basic level to advance level. Which helps you develop your understanding about music from a DJ point of view. Plus, you get to practice on a console which serves you in the long run and you get to do all the experiments yourself.

In order, to make your search easier we have made a list of best DJ schools that teach updated DJ modules in India.

Here’s the list of Top 10 Best DJ Schools in India –

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The duration of the courses varies depending on the modules and factors like your own learning speed.

Best DJ Academy & Courses in Delhi –

  • H&M Academy
  • Skratch DJ Academy
  • Spin Gurus DJ, Music Production & Sound Engineering Academy
  • Adapt Music Academy

Best DJ Academy & Courses in Pune –

  • S & A DJ Academy
  • In Audio Works Academy
  • Beatz Djs Academy
  • Party Map DJ & Music Production Courses in Pune
  • Decibels Denon Dj School
  • Parax Academy
  • The Music Factory
  • Soundabode Music Production & DJ Academy
  • Pro DJ Academy
  • audionub LAB – DJ Courses, Classes, Music Production & Visuals Training
  • Mantris Music Mantra

Best DJ Academy & Courses in Mumbai –

  • HiTec DJ Academy
  • Flying Chords
  • Global DJ & Music Production Academy
  • The Music Inc
  • House of DJ Academy
  • The DJ School
  • Splinters DJ School
  • DJ INC (Academy)
  • Audioqube DJ & Music Production Academy
  • BEAT BLOC School of Music
  • Beatpro Music Production Courses
  • Party Map DJ Academy Mumbai


How much does a DJ course cost in India?

A DJ course in India will charge you anything between Rs. 20000 – Rs. 50000 and more. The fee usually depends upon the selection of module and fee structure of the academy.

What is DJ course?

DJ course is a specific module curated by Music Production and DJing schools to teach you the skills that are required to be a successful DJ. The module might include beat-matching, cue programming, introduction to loops and bars, genre differentiation, BPM structures and more.

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