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Interview With Upcoming Artist Management Agency And Record Label “Kashi Entertainment”

KASHI Entertainment started by Rahul Bade or Rabinik is the upcoming biggest artists management agency. The vision and mission are to make Electronic music live long in India. The business is going pretty strong for them. We were super amazed by the kind of work that each and every member of the agency is doing. So we decided to interview them.

Check it out here.

1. How did you guys come up with this name? Is there any secret?

Kashi is the Spiritual name of the northern Indian city of Varanasi, the holiest of cities in Hinduism, the name Kashi comes from the Sanskrit word, Prakasa, Meaning “ Light.”

Also, the name of my grandfather is Kashiram and, he is one of the most positive person I have ever met in life, his principles inspires me a lot.

There are a lot of artists and people who are struggling to come out of the darkness and, we aim to shed some light in their lives through the medium of music so that it will help everyone to grow together. We aim to promote talent.

2. What’s your longterm vision with Kashi Entertainment? And what’s the plan for 2019?

Our long-term vision is to promote and support talented artists across the globe. For now, we are planning to get Jean Marie, Culture Code, Strike nine and few other electronic artists from top 100 DJs who are doing really good in the EDM scene. We have plans to get some POP, Hip-Hop acts to India as well in later 2019. We are working on it we will update with the details soon.

Apart from the touring scene following are the things that we do :

– Artist Management
– Event Management
– Artist Bookings
– Music Marketing
-Music Consultancy
– Music Distribution
– Destination wedding Planners
– Festival curators / Planners
– Conference and Convention Planners
-Hospitality Management
-Public Relations

3. What made you start such a venture?

We started this Journey Two and Half Years back. In 2016 I started as a DJ and faced a lot of problems growing as an artist, one of my major show was canceled due to some politics in the scene. And, at that moment I understood the importance of management and the ups & downs of the artist life. So we thought of starting Kashi by taking a lot of music field related problems into consideration and we will resolve them at the earliest.

4. What do you think about the competition in your space right now? Because so many agencies are coming in and going out.

The competition is growing day by day, a lot of new agencies and artists are coming in and going out, but we are not in, competition with anyone we are working our level best and the artists we have toured till date and the agencies with whom we have worked with are still working smoothly with us. All the members of our team are artists so the artists which we get on board for India tour feel comfortable and they share a lot of music and industry related ideas with us.

5. What kind of artists do you usually sign? Is it genre specific or you see his social media presence or something else?

We have few international and Indian artists on our artist roster, we are not genre-oriented. We usually sign artists who are upcoming and, are doing well in the music scene. And, we never judge an artist on his social media presence but, nowadays social media plays a very important role in the artist’s life. So we take each and every aspect into consideration before signing the artist.

6. Any artist that you are planning to bring to India in the next coming months?

We have Jean-Marie, CultureCode & StrikeNine on board for next 2 months, Also, we are planning to get Kaaze and illenium to India in coming months as he is doing really well in the scene at the moment. We are also in touch with the management team of Akon, SeanPaul, Florida, Tyga, Cory Gunz, and many other commercial acts, let’s see how it works.

7. What’s the idea behind doing an India tour for foreign artists. Why you don’t take Indian face in consideration for an exclusive tour? Is there any problem or any specific objective?

The idea behind doing an India tour for foreign artists helps us in expanding our contacts globally.

The EDM scene came to India a few years back and its growing day by day.
There are so many artists coming up from the country. But most of them really don’t know anything about production, they are in there for just fame and fortune. To be honest they get their track produced by some other producers, in the industry we call them as Ghost producers. And then they release it by paying some extra. That is why we go through a thorough check and this is the exact reason we don’t have so many Indian artists in the roster.

We actually don’t have any issue taking an Indian face into consideration for an exclusive tour, but we don’t think that we have an Indian act right now in our management whom we can sell for 3-6 shows in the Indian market. We have some huge names in the market like Nucleya and Ritviz who are doing really well in the scene. So, we are looking forward to having a producer who has abilities to grow like them.

8. Do you think the Indian scene takes their artists seriously? If yes, then why everybody is saying EDM is dead in India?

Indian market is very different if compared with other markets. Bollywood music is the mainstream music in the Indian market so there are very few clubs and festivals in India who are promoting electronic dance music at the moment.

Edm was never a mainstream genre in India so it’s difficult to say that EDM is dead in India. Coz according to our point of view day by day, the EDM scene is getting better a lot of international artists are coming to India to promote their music.


9. Is there any artist showcase or exclusive Kashi night you are going to be doing in the near future agency?

We did a Kashi showcase on New year eve recently, we have plans to do Kashi showcase in other countries too. We are planning to do a China tour with the youngest artist on our roster known by the stage name ( The Untold ) he is just 17 at the moment but he has shared stages with Jetfire, DJs From Mars, Karetus, Rob & Jack and is all set to take Kashi to a whole different level in 2019.


10. What do you think about the future of electronic music In India?

India is a huge market and the EDM scene is getting better day by day so The future of EDM in Indian market is definitely bright.


11. A lot of artists wants to get signed to management like you. Is there any advice you want to give which could help them?

We know that lot are artists are looking forward to working with us but we are very choosy when it comes to music, we get lots of inquiries each and every day from the upcoming producers out there, we reply to the queries but it’s not possible to sign each and every one.

We have some advice for the artists out there :

Don’t be in hurry to sign a management company, things take time. Keep working on your music, try to promote your stuff with the help of some good labels and of course, for now, social media will help you a lot.

Signing management will not help you get some huge shows, until and unless you are famous you won’t get quality bookings and a chance to promote your music, the best part is you keep working on your stuff and let your music make the noise

Last and most important advice is that don’t get into the music field by seeing the lifestyles, blogs of the famous artists. Trust me they are the people who love music and have worked & struggled for lots of years to achieve the name and fame which they have now. So please keep it real don’t do it for money do it for the love for music. Once you get famous, money and management agencies will run behind you to sign you.



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