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FTAMPA: “I was in a bad position because my band decided to split-up”

Felipe Ramos, better known by his stage name FTAMPA, has been constantly putting out hits after hits. Signed to Sony Music, Revealed Recordings and a lot of other labels. He is currently dominating the Brazilian electronic music scene. His first two singles in 2017, “Glowing” and “Love Is All We Need”, have over 10 million streams on Spotify since their release and their official music videos have over 3 million views on YouTube to date. His previous hit ‘Our Way’ has 17 million+ streams on digital platforms and ‘Stay’ feat. Amanda Wilson has over 7 million streams. In August he released his brand new hit Light Me Up, which already has got over than 1 million plays on Spotify.


1. What inspired you to start producing music and become a DJ?

I was in a bad position because my band decided to split-up. And, the fact I could be producing just by myself and can try new things got me in love with electronic music and then I had to DJ the stuff I made lol.

2. Your tracks have really interesting names such as – “Falcon”, “Slammer”, “Kismet” and there are many more we can go on listing, so how do you come up with the names for your tracks?

Usually, at the initial stage, I name them as like “Worse Track” or “Quit The Game” and things like that! Then, before the release, I try to come up with a good name and, then we move ahead


3. You have experimented with various genres and sounds throughout your career, be it Progressive House, Electro House, Trap or Bigroom House. What unexplored genre/sound would you like to produce and what is your approach when you try to produce tracks of a genre new to you?

I wanna make something in Brazilian Funk style. I think that’s the only style, I haven’t tried yet. I try to experiment a lot. I really don’t want to get stuck in a certain style.

Whenever I produce something, what comes to my mind, goes in the tracks.

4. You are known for your amazing remixes, and your remix for Ed Sheeran’s – “Shape of You” is still a favorite among your fans. Can we expect a collaboration between you and Ed Sheeran in the future?

I hope so! He’s such a great artist and I would love to make something with him in near future.

5. You have been playing sets around the world in different clubs as well as for major festivals. Where do you prefer playing at, clubs or festivals?

Both has its own different taste. I mean, in clubs you feel closer to the crowd and you have to control them! Festivals are smashing, where you can try your new music and see the crowd reaction.

6. Your sets are known for their amazing energy, so according to you which country’s crowd resonates the most with the energy of your sets?

I think definitely US and Asia Countries. I love to see people jumping and even in clubs, I try to put lots of energy into my sets.

7. You have collaborated with many singers and producers such as Amanda Wilson, Kenneth G, Bruno Barudi and many more. So which other artists can we expect you to collaborate with in the future?

Recently, I released a track with 22 Bullets. He is from Bangkok and he’s amazing!

There are a lot of new artists that I look up to. But, I’m always looking for new ideas, and that’s a big problem (I don’t really think its a problem). Actually, I only like to release unique tracks and if I start a track and it goes to a generic way, I prefer to start over.

8. Your recent release on “Dharma Worldwide” along with 22Bullets – “Shahar” is an absolute banger. How did you come up with the idea for this track and how did the two of you decide to work together on a track?

That’s an old track, I made it 2 years ago. It was originally a remix for The Chainsmokers. But, I decided not to release it, because I was more into pop music. I then showed the track to 22 Bullets and, he got super excited about it and then, I told him to make a breakdown and work a bit. So that, we could release it together…

we have like 5 tracks together and I really enjoyed working with him.

9. What are your views on the future of electronic dance music and who is your favorite artist at the moment?

Skrillex still my favorite as always but I see a lot of experimentation and crossovers with different genres!

10. What can we expect from you this year?

A lot of new crazy music. During the years I stopped to care about release songs to make DJ plays, people listen and I’m just trying some cool stuff I like. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but I think this is the most fun to do.

11. What do you think about of the reunion of Swedish House Mafia?

They are on the next level you know? I think it will change a lot the electronic scene. I hope they change the music in Brazil then people will stop making the same style boring tracks.

12. Any advice for upcoming producers and DJs?

Be original. If you make music like somebody else, it means it’s not you. What will make you stand out is being original and study a lot!

13. Which DAW do you use for producing music and what’s the best thing about it?

Cubase. I’m just used to it since I was a kid and I feel really comfortable working on it.

14. Your favorite Vst and Vsti’s?

TBH I’m using mostly Serum and Sylenth now.

15. Can you give any production tip?

Sure thing, I just made a video for Dharma where I showed the way I made the “Shahar” lead. I think it worth a check!


A Huge Shoutout To Team FTAMPA for making this possible.



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