“Gully Boy – Asli Hip Hop” Bootlegs That You Cannot Miss

Indian Rap music scene is already going strong. The diss culture has finally entered the Indian music market and is shaping up pretty much after the Raftaar vs Emiway Bantai’s beef. And while all this was happening the most awaited Bollywood movie “Gully Boy” has finally blown the internet.

The internet has literally gone crazy and the trailer of the movie is on trending mode now.

YES! Everybody is talking about it.

Why shouldn’t they?

The movie features such an amazing cast Ranveer Singh | Alia Bhatt | Zoya Akhtar and more.

Check it out yourself!

Well, the whole Internet is now Rapping with Ranveer Singh, after the trailer announcement and release. But there is something that everybody is missing and that is “The Gully Boy Bootlegs or Flips.”

You simply cannot ignore these Bootleg’s or Flips from your homegrown talents.

Gully Boy – Asli Hip-Hop | XOUVYC’s & Jay Guldekar Flip

Gully Boy – Asli Hip-Hop |KSW Flip

Gully Boy – Asli Hip-Hop | NDS Flip

Gully Boy – Asli Hip-Hop | Paranox Flip

Gully Boy – Asli Hip-Hop | Zenith X Shiven Revibe


Gully Boy – Asli Hip-Hop |Inhew Live Bootleg

Gully Boy – Asli Hip-Hop |Refrain Brostep Flip

We are still open to adding more to the list.

And, guess what this article is not really a clickbait thing like “gully boy full movie watch online.” We are also not selling “gully boy hoodie” here.

So you must definitely check this article out.


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