Divine just released a new track called ‘Chaabi Wala Bandar’ which is going viral now. In this track, the gully gang rapper has responded to a series of disses by Emiway Bantai.

Divine talks about his humble beginnings and how he brought the whole rap scene to the mainstream landscape, doing 300+ shows and how he plans on taking the rap game to the next level. The video includes a lot of meme material as well as the bits from a lot of emiway’s music videos. The rapper compares Emiway Bantai with a toy and talks about him being nothing more than a cartoon and crybaby. 

The signs are clear that Divine never took the diss casually and was waiting for the right moment to explode and escalate the beef. And now, since the gully gang rapper has responded, the audience is desperately waiting for Emiway’s take on it.

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