The Independent music scene in the country has been growing at a rapid pace lately. Huge props to the brands and studios who saw a vision to build the Independent music community and help the Indie artists move forward.
Compass Box Studio at Ahmedabad started keeping a similar vision in mind. The goal was/is to ease the burden of the professional audio production and recording that is faced by the upcoming artists. Raag Sethi, the founder of this project says “The Compass Box Live Sessions are there to help Indie artists produce, record and showcase one song without spending anything, if they like the work we’re doing, then we can work towards making an EP that works in their budget. This is the reason why I started this project.”
The offer of free recording and getting the tracks produced attracted a lot of artists. In many ways, it helped the artists showcase and record their tracks in a heavily equipped studio setup. It also gave them exposure to an actual studio. The only challenge or the condition put forward was to record the track in a single take.
It’s been a year doing this and the journey for Compass Box Studio has been phenomenal. To mark this one year anniversary they released a first of this sort of compilation album entirely recorded live. Just to name a few the album features Hanita Bhambri, Aditi Ramesh, Sulphur Snow, Navya Sharma, The Malakar Experience, and many more. The album is available on Spotify and other streaming sites. Make sure to go for it!

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