Indian Singer-Guitarist, Composer & Record producer Aaryan Banthia is capturing a lot of international listers lately with his music. His latest creation ‘Back in the Day’ has secured a successful billboard entry making him be counted amongst those Indian artists who made it to the billboard charts.   

Produced, composed and performed by Aaryan himself and globally distributed by Believe Music, this brand-new song talks about a group of best friends who have been separated by busy lifestyles but are connected at heart. The protagonist reminisces the good old days spent with his childhood friends, with whom his bond hasn’t faded despite being far apart making it relatable for most of its audience. The soulful song thus made it to the Billboards Charts right from its launch and crossed the 1mn mark in YouTube views soon after, following the same lines of Aaryan’s debut song Yaadein, which had also reached this milestone within a month of its launch.

‘Back in the Day’ is a beautiful composition by the multi-talented artist. Heavily inspired by retro and country music Aaryan has arranged the piece very carefully to make the listeners understand that his imagination goes beyond the boundaries of mainstream music. The strumming guitars and the full of life vocals fill the song with magical energy. It can be easily understood by music enthusiasts that he is greatly inspired by legends like Bon Jovi, Brain Adams, Dire Straits, etc. 

Aaryan was born and raised in a household that was full of arts. His everyday life was filled with some great masterpieces of music from all around the world. But he found his love in music after listening to Dire-Straits, Jon Bon Jovi and John Mayer. He began singing (not professionally) at an early age and could grasp a song very quickly. He sang pretty difficult numbers even at a young age but did not come out as a singer then. No one apart from the family knew he could sing.

He did his under-graduation in Sport Management (BSc (HONS)) from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, the UK though he also pursued his music whilst he was there. In the UK, he performed at a lot of famous live music venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, Live Lounge and 100 club to name a few. He got recognition there and began to get people to come to his shows. He then decided to learn music and take music seriously from thereon. 

Aaryan is now a Mumbai based singer trained in Hindustani classical music. He is currently under the mentorship of a renowned Hindustani classical singer Sri ‘Kumar Mukherjee’ who belongs to the ‘Kasur Patiala Gharana’. 

Even though he is trained in Hindustani classical, he does not restrict himself to that particular genre only. He has a very western touch in his voice and has covered songs of Bonjovi, John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams, Ed Sheeran to name a few when he did show in the UK. 

After coming back to INDIA, Aaryan saw more opportunities in Music and decided to pursue his childhood dream “to be a singer”. He then formed a band and named it “The Bombay Gramophone Company” giving credit to Bombay (now Mumbai) since TBGC covered Bollywood music. 

Aaryan with “The Bombay Gramophone Company’ has performed in various venues in Kolkata as well as other metros in India. He has performed in numerous college fests, corporate shows, marriages, charity shows, major clubs and other private properties in India. He has also performed at music launches of movies, Drishtikon (Bengali Film) being the latest one. 

TBGC made quite a name for themselves in Kolkata, but Aaryan had bigger dreams.