Chhavi Sodhani’s Unveils New Single ‘Khota Pyaar’

Being a multi-talented artist, Chhavi Sodhani creates her latest release ‘Khota Pyaar’ with perfection in every sphere of the quality. Garnering a lot of acknowledgment and love for her past works, Chhavi never comprises when it comes to making her songs connect with her audience.

‘Khota Pyaar’ speaks about an aggressive emotional expression where there is an outrage, agony, and a helpless confession of still being in love long after the relationship has ended. Bringing the deepness to the scene, Chhavi portrays excellently through her words complemented by the rawness and classical touch that her voice possesses which surely adds to the beauty of the song. The production part has been done very skillfully with a lot of innovative tones contributing to the variations that she wanted to display in order to make the track something different. Even the repetitiveness of the vocal chops does not feel out of place anywhere which is why ‘Khota Pyaar’ is different than the rest.

Engaged with music for a long period of time, Chhavi was also one of the 12 finalists of the show Fame Gurukul. As the days passed by, she definitely has been successful not just as a singer but also as a brilliant producer, composer, lyricist, poet too.

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