Fracture Sounds Unveils FREE Short Strings Library for Kontakt Player

Fracture Sounds has released a new free Short Strings library as part of their Blueprint series, designed for use with the free Kontakt Player.

Now, they have released the 8th installment in the Short Strings series.

Fracture Sounds describes this library as a “small, chamber-sized ensemble, playing the staccato technique in a playful manner.”

This chamber strings ensemble offers a smaller, more intimate sound compared to a large 60-piece string section.

The samples are dynamic, making them suitable for both intimate and energetic compositions.

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, typical of the Blueprint series. It features four main knobs, a mic mix section, and additional settings.

The knobs include Colour, Stereo Width, Release, and Reverb. The Stereo Width knob can enhance the stereo image or make it mono, offering flexibility in sound design.

The Reverb control is a dry-wet knob with a cog wheel for adjusting reverb modes and sound. It includes several reverb modes with nine impulse responses in the convolution mode.

The mic mix section allows users to blend between Close, Mid, and Far mics, with a Perspective slider for smooth mic level control.

Two additional settings, accessible via another cog wheel, control the Sample Start and Velocity Response.

The sample start control is particularly valuable as it displays the latency at any given setting, ensuring a smooth MIDI performance, which is crucial for orchestral sample libraries.

Blueprint: Short Strings runs in the free Kontakt Player, which is available for Windows and macOS in VST3, AU, and AAX formats, and as a standalone application on 64-bit machines.

Download: Blueprint: Short Strings (FREE – Requires Kontakt Player)

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