Decent Samples Unveils FREE Korg Phase 8 Library for Decent Sampler

Decent Samples has introduced a new free Korg Phase 8 library for the free Decent Sampler.

This instrument stands out from typical synthesizers. Unlike most synths that generate sound via oscillators and electronic circuits, the Korg Phase 8 uses a series of resonating metal tines.

The device features 8 buttons that, when pressed, send signals to a driver, causing the resonators to vibrate.

Additionally, it includes a built-in sequencer, making it a hybrid between a synthesizer and an electric piano. This gives it a unique character.

The Korg Phase 8 offers both a hammer mode and a pad mode, and Hilowitz has sampled both.

Despite having only 8 notes, a chromatic sample library has been created for use in the free Decent Sampler.

The Korg Phase 8 sample library includes 9 patches. The first two are from the hammer mode, reminiscent of a music box or celesta, providing a calming sound.

The remaining 7 patches are pads, offering a range from warm, evolving sounds (like “Pad 1”) to electric piano-like sounds such as “Pad Dew Drops”.

In terms of controls and UI, the library is straightforward. It includes attack and release controls, along with several effects.

The note repeat feature creates a tremolo-like effect with adjustable speed, while delay and reverb can add ambiance to your sound.

The sample library’s soothing sound is ideal for styles such as Lofi or ambient music.

Korg Phase 8 operates in Decent Sampler, available for Windows (32 and 64-bit), Mac (Intel & M1), Linux (Intel 64-bit), and even iOS devices, in formats VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and Standalone.

Download: Korg Phase 8 (FREE – Requires Decent Sampler)

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