100 Funniest Indian Names

Hey there, my fellow laughter enthusiasts! Get ready for a laughter-packed extravaganza as we dive headfirst into the world of Indian names that will leave you in stitches. In this uproarious article, we proudly present a carefully curated selection of over 100 funny Indian names that are sure to tickle your funny bone and keep you connected to the lighter side of life.

From the mischievous Chatur Baniya to the legendary Lalaji Golgappe, these rib-tickling monikers are a testament to the boundless creativity and whimsy found in Indian culture. Join us on this hilarious journey as we explore a vibrant tapestry of comical names that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Our mission is simple: to bring you an uproarious experience that lifts your spirits and elicits those uncontrollable fits of laughter. Each name on this list is handpicked to ensure maximum amusement and an unforgettable connection with the playful side of Desi nomenclature.

So, fasten your seatbelts, folks, and get ready to embark on an adventure like no other. We invite you to laugh, giggle, and snort your way through this collection of 100+ Hilarious Indian Names. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of humor, where ordinary names take a detour into the realms of whimsy and mirth.

Warning: Side effects of reading this article may include sore cheeks, tears of joy, and a newfound appreciation for the hilarity that Indian names can bring. Proceed with caution – laughter is contagious!

Note: Throughout this article, we approach the topic with utmost respect and sensitivity, recognizing that humor is a universal language that unites us all.

Here are 100+ Funny & Hilarious Indian Names

Chai GPT

Heard of Chat GPT? Now presenting Chai GPT. Chai means Tea, but joining it with GPT was something we were not able to figure out. The picture of the tea stall went viral after some users posted it on the internet. The hilarious shop name made every day laugh.

Hope the tea is as good as a GPT by Open AI.

Ravindra Banchhod

Don’t ever say the title or the last name written here on this Architect’s board you might get in a brawl with your Indian friend. Banchhod which sounds similar to bench*d(Apparently an abusive term meaning sister fu**er) is to be generally used in moderation and only with the people you know. And, that too in a friendly way.

Boob Family

What’s so funny about this name? Well! Apparently, it’s just a family which is welcoming you.

Do let us know in the comments about the missing piece here.

SBI Bank Branch Location

Ch*tia is a moderately abusive word used in India to call each other dumb. So this branch of SBI bank is a dumb branch? Well don’t use that particular work otherwise you might get in trouble in India.

An*l Singh

Whomsoever he is, he must a true legend to live with that name and still be happy and proud enough to not have changed it on Facebook. That’s a true Top G. The name is super hilarious but don’t give the same name to your children or any children, they might get bullied for the rest of their life.

Tulsi Das Khan

The name Tulsi Das Khan appears in a movie called “Hungama.” But there’s a legend that says there’s a person with that name that exists on Facebook. The image above can be checked to see who this funny guy is. Looks like a super weird guy.

Angle Priya

Yeah! Angle Priya. The name originated from the times when facebook was at it’s pinnacle of growth in India. Every where you went you saw an account name Angle Priya who apparently was a guy behind a girls name. The name is funny because it was supposed to be “Angel Priya” but the guys who copied it turned out be complete fools and made it hilarious in the process.


This is Indian cricket superstar’s parody account Hardi*k Por*dya. The picture looks hillarious and the same goes for the facebook page.

Lo** & Sons

Ask your Indian friend for the meaning of this name. We are too shy to say anything about this name.

Some honorable mentions are –

  1. Algu Choudhary
  2. Chunnu Lal
  3. Hardik
  4. 70 Singh (There’s a number in the name)
  5. Tikeshwar
  6. Boobisha
  7. Karodimal Tinde
  8. P.K. Giri
  9. Laddu Chothwani
  10. Chatur Baniya
  11. Babu Rao Ganpatrao Apte
  12. Pappu Pass Ho Gaya
  13. Chinki Minki
  14. Laloo Prasad Yadav
  15. Munna Bhai
  16. Khajuraho Singh
  17. Chaman Bhai Patel
  18. Raju Rastogi
  19. Circuit
  20. Jalebi Kumar
  21. Babli Chulbul Pandey
  22. Gulabo Sharmila
  23. Bindaas Bindu
  24. Bhagwan Das Golmaal
  25. Sona Kachori
  26. Kundan Lal Chhappal Wala
  27. Gappu Lal Doodhwala
  28. Tik Tik Tik Tikram
  29. Chameli Chamkila
  30. Raja Babu Nonsensewala
  31. Chulbuli Chutki
  32. Makkhan Singh Butterwala
  33. Khushi Kapoor Hiranandani
  34. Dhinchak Pooja
  35. Gundu Swamy
  36. Pyarelal Kismatwala
  37. Garam Masala Mishra
  38. Chamcham Laloo Prasad
  39. Chhota Bheem Sharma
  40. Popat Lal Popcornwala
  41. Babli Bhukkad
  42. Jhingalala Joshi
  43. Gobar Singh Chaddi
  44. Pagal Premi Pandey
  45. Gulaabo Gappu Gupta
  46. Pinky Pataka
  47. Bunty No-Brakes
  48. Ghanta Ram Tinku
  49. Bindaas Babli Bomb
  50. Pappu Papadwala
  51. Lalaji Golgappe
  52. Chikoo Chaturvedi
  53. Bubbly Bholi Bharti
  54. Bindaas Babu Bakshi
  55. Kundan Kumar Comedywala
  56. Champa Chamatkar
  57. Bhola Bhandari Biker
  58. Masti Mallikarjun
  59. Khushboo Kheerwani
  60. Raju Rangila
  61. Pappu Pyare
  62. Chintu Chatarpati
  63. Gulab Jamunwala
  64. Babli Bombastic
  65. Munna Mobilewala
  66. Champu Chanchal
  67. Motu Mithaiwala
  68. Tikku Tadka
  69. Gabbar Giggles
  70. Laddu Lalwani
  71. Babu Bindaaswala
  72. Chulbuli Chanchalani
  73. Mastana Mishra
  74. Pappadum Pandey
  75. Chikki Chatterjee
  76. Raju Rangeela
  77. Gulabo Garamchai
  78. Jhingalala Jindal
  79. Popcorn Patakha
  80. Gabbar Gill
  81. Chatak Chauhan
  82. Bholu Bhootnath
  83. Chulbuli Chopra
  84. Bindaas Baburao
  85. Lalaji Laughterwala
  86. Tiktok Taneja
  87. Chamak Chawla
  88. Masti Mishra
  89. Bhindi Bheemani
  90. Ranga Rangrez
  91. Papad Pandya
  92. Kachori Khurana
  93. Babli Bubbly
  94. Gappu Gadbad
  95. Munna Micheal
  96. Jalebi Jain
  97. Patakha Pandit
  98. Bubbly Bhatnagar
  99. Chintu Chawla
  100. Golgappa Garg
  101. Pappadam Patel
  102. Chikoo Chatterjee
  103. Masti Malhotra
  104. Raja Ramgarhia
  105. Papadum Puri
  106. Chulbuli Chaturvedi
  107. Tikki Tandon
  108. Bhindi Bhola
  109. Ranga Rampal

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