Flo Trix is an independent Rap Music Artist from Shimla, India. In the past couple of months, he has released a couple of good songs which got him a lot of attention from the Indian Rap Music scene. We got in touch with the Shimla based Rapper and asked him a couple of questions. Check it out below.


1. How did you start?

Well, I was 13 odd years old back then. Michael Jackson had just dropped a classic called Dangerous, it had a song called ‘Jam’ on it. It had a lil rap verse by TB Riley done on it. I really kinda felt his verse on it and wanted to scorch the mics just like him from that day on.

2. Was insignia a good platform? Did it help?

Yes, it sure was a great platform, I was just a rapper before Sez introduced me to insignia rap combats, but after insignia, I became a real MC, got to learn a lot of basics under brassic bhai’s flagship. And I’m forever thankful to him for that.

3. Your views on mainstream rappers?

Well, mainstream rap is going through real tough times, I mean these rappers have such good platform to lay a message out there but none of them are doing it. They can do so much more with that kind of audience at there disposal but all they rap about is cars, hoes n stuff plus these mumble rappers damn lol

4. Hindi vs English Rappers?

Guess they both are good, BTW In my opinion even though my preferred language is English but I personally think Hindi is way more poetic and capable of exploring ones emotional crevices like no other language. Even French rap is very tight lyrically.

5. Is the Indian audience really exposed to real rapping?

In my opinion, no, idk but Indian music scene is so influenced by Bollywood that it’ll take a very long time for them to get exposed to the other side of lyricism, beyond just the love of a girl you see.

6. Your long term and short term goals?

Let’s start from my short-term goals, just want to set up a good studio so that I can deliver good quality music to my people, improve lyricism on my songs with every coming track, the long-term goal is bringing Shimla on the map of global hip-hop.

7. Are record labels really helpful according to you?

I’ve never shown my music to any record label yet so I wouldn’t know about that I’m sorry.

8. Your favorite food?

I like all kinds of food, Rajma Chawal, and Karhi Chawal, being my favs. Plus I like the simplicity of the Chinese food, plus the heft of the Italian food. Don’t appreciate junk food and refrain from it until it’s an emergency lol. I’m a vegetarian as well don’t want a dead animal on my plate unless I’ve hunted for it myself.

9. Any advice to new and budding rappers in India?

Well, stay lyrically tight and deliver those lyrics like you mean them, keep patient don’t follow the crowd, instead make the crowd follow you.

10.How’s the rap music scene in your place?

It’s okay but not very great, however people are more open to other genres here other than just Bollywood, but as far as a full-blown hip-hop culture is concerned we have a lot of time still to be there.

11.Your inspiration?

Daily Struggle and Vinnie Paz

12.New album or tracks in the pipeline?

I’m working on a mixtape called cold north, it’ll be out anytime next year, and new tracks, we have a motivational track named Refuse to lose lined up, it’ll hit yo ears sooner than 20th of April 2018. So stay tuned. Also, we’re planning to shoot a video for Rest In Peace, so yes that’s another one In the pipeline.

13.Anything for the Suffle Magazine?

You guys are doing a great job, showing us underground musicians the light of the day, I say just keep doing what you guys are doing, keep supporting the underground and I wish you all the best in yo noble quest.

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