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Sir Gamma Decodes Latest Single ‘Rihla’ and Discusses More

Sir Gamma decodes his latest single ‘Rihla’ and gives insights into his personal journey.

Sir Gamma, an Indian music producer, singer, songwriter, and a DJ based in the capital city of Delhi, has released his new album “Rihla”, featuring Jazzz Jyotsna. The lyrics have been penned down by Akhil Bisht and Lakshmi Priya Ramesh. Having an admirable taste in music and a splendid sense of it, Sir Gamma’s music compositions range from club bangers to soulful tunes for night walks.

Sir Gamma‘s new song “Rihla” embraces a sweet journey down the memory lane to cherish the softness of that love again- those warm hugs and touches from your soulmate, those mid-night walks, those soulful kisses, their boundless love for you to form your own world and so much more. Distant from everything, it is pure love that keeps the bond strong and names it “Forever”.

As the word “Rihla” depicts ‘journey’ or ‘travelogue’, Sir Gamma has titled his track under this name to portray the travel to the past memories of love, cherishing each and every little thing spent together. Moreover, the voice of Jazzz Jyotsna has added more charm to the song making it a perfect one to listen to when you are missing someone.

The track by Sir Gamma and Jazzz Jyotsna is becoming one of the fan favorites now. We definitely wanted to know more about the journey and how Sir Gamma is planning to take his music forward. Hence, we decided to sit down for an interview with him

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How did it all start/begin and what is your vision going forward

This is an interesting one, so basically I am a computer science engineer who had seen dance as his passion and career since high school. I also did a corporate job for a year after my graduation and finally left it to pursue dance as my full-time career. At that time I used to edit songs and make mashups for dance performances for my dance team and for some other clients as well. This interest in editing and making medleys slowly got me into production, then composing, songwriting, djing, and last but not the least learning Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet. I really experience that music is a lot more than just music.

How did this single come together? Does this song portray your personal anecdote? If so, share your experience with us.

So basically, the drop that this song has was not made for this, it was made for some other song which is still in my archives, but I am thinking of starting to work on it again soon. So when I made the drop with that old song, it sounded like different songs attached together, but I really liked the idea of this drop so I decided to make a whole new song which is based around this particular drop. I found Jazzz Jyotsna’s profile on Instagram through a connection and I loved her voice. Without any delay, I looked for her Instagram account and sent a proposal for a collaboration. Similarly, I found Lakshmi Priya on another social media, and Akhil happens to be an old friend of mine who is multi-talented. So with the support of all of these crazy people, this song happened.

Being a DJ, working on high beats, what made you think of releasing a soft, soothing love song?

So as I say in my description, I don’t keep myself bound to any genre or style as such. It’s just like two different moods at different times, people can’t be in party mode all the time, neither can they be in a relaxed and calm mode forever. The same is with me which reflects in my music as well, who knows if I put out some club bangers in my future discography. So music to me is a sound that creates any type of emotion, doesn’t matter if you want to party or want to listen to something soothing during a solo trip, Sir Gamma has you covered.

In the future, do you think of collaborating with some popular Bollywood artists? If so, whom would you like to collaborate with?

Oh sure, so basically this is a dream collaboration I am going to talk about. AR Rehman sir is the artist with whom I wanna work sometimes and it will be a dream come true for me. I know it’s not gonna happen anytime soon, but you gotta aim for the stars.

Can you just give us a short glimpse of your upcoming track if any?

Oh yeah sure, so my next release is of a bit different vibe than Rihla, that song has more of real instrument simulation instead of electronic synths which you heard in Rihla. Also, the crazy part about that song is that you can dance to it in a club, and also you can listen to it on a rainy day having coffee on your balcony. It all depends on how you perceive the song. I tried to put both emotions in one song, so I am quite excited to see which side of the song hit people the most.

What do you enjoy the most when not producing?

There are a lot of things, but my top three escapes which help me get my sanity back after hours of sitting and producing are dancing (as I started my career in the artistic fields as a professional dancer), hanging out with my school friends which we do almost daily & doing riyaaz (as I am learning Indian classical music) works like meditation.



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