When it comes to Indian EDM scene PL4YFIELDS, Rayasa & SHKHR are the rising names. Giving hits after hits and being consistent with their art.The three of them have proved themselves. A few days ago these rising Indian talents released a track called “Rogue” on a USA based label Crashed Collective. The track is really unique sounding from any other big room banger available there. PL4YFIELDS, Rayasa & SHKHR have worked really hard on this one.The track is buzzing all around the world and has also got attention from the best ones in the industry. Even we got really happy after listening to the track so we decided to ask PL4YFIELDS, Rayasa & SHKHR some random questions. Check them below.



How did your  journey start?

PL4YFIELDS–  I have been listening to music since I was a kid. Hip-hop, pop, all the time but once I reached 14, I shifted my interests to EDM with some influence by a few friends. I started producing music on my own when I turned 17 years. The help came from reading various articles and YouTube tutorials. I used to have a very bad pc back then with only 2gb ram, 19’s processor. It was hard to work on FL projects with the pc was lagging even if I added just a few sylenth. I was exporting every time I had to listen & went on adding blindly. I kept using the same system until my release “RETOPIA” with WANDEN.

I come from a poor family with no investment,  so I was always maintaining my expenses myself..

When the first release “mafia” came out back in may, I was just a zero. And now in just 8 months, I have made some good name with all the support from people. I have 16 releases in 8 months, few heavyweights support on my music, and people say they started living my tracks. I’m happy.

RAYASA– It’s been a year since I started. I was initially a drummer listening to Linkin Park, Backstreet Boys, and many other bands. I was then introduced to some of the Hardwell’s, Martin Garrix’s tracks. I was like ‘OMG! This sounds so amazing,’ and that is when I started making beats on a few DAWs.

SHKHR– It was basically through beats, as being a drummer, I had always been fond of creating beats and stuff. I eventually came into producing when my friend introduced me to FL Studio and I started messing up with it, haha.

Also, the “Linkin Park vibe” has deeply inspired me to make a bit darker sort of Electronic Dance Music.

What do you think about the music scene of India?

PL4YFIELDS– The music scene in India is a bit corrupted as many DJs exist in clubs & festivals even when they have no music, so for the new artists, we have few or no opportunities and they too are being restricted by the bigger artists.

RAYASA– I think each one of them is capable of doing really good! And, obviously we all Indians gotta work together, help each other and build a strong community.

SHKHR– The EDM scene is at its peak right now and has so much potential in it. A lot of artists working their asses off to get what they want. Just what you would need to breakthrough would be something unique, something different, or maybe a combination of two very different styles to get your mark.

Any new tracks coming?

PL4YFIELDS– I’m working on a lot of tracks currently, with talented artists, on big labels. I’m never fed up of getting rejected for my submissions. I’ll keep trying again until I’m satisfied. Hopefully, I’m never satisfied.

RAYASA– Yes! A lot of tracks are coming up this summer, can’t wait to show them to you all!

SHKHR– Yeah, there was a Big Room Track I signed a couple of months ago, that might be releasing in the coming months most probably, and then I have a couple of Vocal Progressive Projects, I’m working upon. I also have some plans for making Future Bounce and Groove in the coming time to expand my genres and try out different vibes.

What’s your short-term and long-term goal as a musician?

PL4YFIELDS– I have no short-term or long-term goals. I have dedicated my whole life to music, and I want to stay a musician for my whole life. I would take any risks I get. I never have only one destination in this career, as I want to keep on growing till I’m nil.

RAYASA– There isn’t a short-term goal or something, but I just have one aim and that is to release good music, explore new places, perform there and enjoy the MUSIC. Also, getting supported by Hardwell is my objective.

SHKHR– There’s nothing much as a short-term goal for me but to slowly get myself into the Djing Scene, some Labels and stuff which I’m looking forward too. But for a long-term Goal, I want to develop my unique vibe which can make people feel it and dance haha!

What do you think of your genre of music?

PL4YFIELDS– I can’t really know my genre, I just make my own samples, sounds every time and I call it as a blend of the big room with an influence of jungle terror funk. Though I would go on and produce all the styles I can.

RAYASA– My genre of music is not specific as I have Deep House, Big Room, Dark Progressive, Dubstep tracks release haha.I will serve the listeners with every style I can produce.

SHKHR– I’ve made tracks including Big Room, Progressive, Dark Progressive Genres, also I would be making Future Bounce, Groove, or maybe even Future Bass in the coming time, but everything basically revolves around my Progressive Sounds and Structures.

Which is the hardware you use?

PL4YFIELDS– I use mtrack as my hardware, though I use everything under the digital audio workstation.

RAYASA– A Laptop, a midi keyboard, and my headphones.

SHKHR– I just use my Laptop and Headphones to make music.

Softwares that you use ?

PL4YFIELDS– The DAW I use is FL Studio.

RAYASA– FL studio is my DAW

SHKHR– I work in FL Studio DAW

Your favorite country?

PL4YFIELDS– I love my country, but I’m not a patriot.I would love to the travel the whole world and to see different cultures, different kinds of music, tastes, food etc.

RAYASA– India and Netherlands.

SHKHR– I really really like Australia, and I would love to visit that country soon.

Your favorite food?

PL4YFIELDS– My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican though I like Indian spices as well. I am definitely gonna taste all the different food varieties in the world.

RAYASA– My favorite cuisine is definitely Italian!

SHKHR– I’m a Pizza Lover for sure, can eat pizzas all day long haha

Your inspiration?

PL4YFIELDS– My inspiration is every producing artist. Everyone has unique styles to learn a lot from them. Hardwell music is the first EDM I’ve been gone through.

RAYASA– One and only, Hardwell. And sometimes I feel really inspired after hearing tracks by Dyro and Reggio.

SHKHR– I have inspirations from producers coming from very different styles, which might be seen in my coming tracks too, including Don Diablo, KSHMR, Reggio, Kaaze.

Fav movie?

PL4YFIELDS– Favourite movie, the one I would act in haha, but currently my life is turning to be a movie with lots of ups and downs.

RAYASA– Whiplash and X-Men Series.

SHKHR– I don’t watch many movies, but I loved X-Men : Days of Future Past

Your promo mail?

PL4YFIELDS– pl4yfieldsmusic@gmail.com

RAYASA– rayasaofficial@gmail.com

SHKHR– shkhrmusic@gmail.com

What would you say to your haters?

PL4YFIELDS– I love my haters because they point me out a lot to improve in myself. Few haters do pull my legs from growing but I’m not afraid of them, just a smile at them works its way. But I need to ignore the extreme level haters haha.

RAYASA– Best way to deal the hate is to ignore it, and that’s what I do.

SHKHR– Haters are actually important for an artist to keep themselves motivated and help them improve day by day.

Lots of Love to my Haters as well haha.

Any message for Suffle Music Magazine?

PL4YFIELDS– Suffle music is really a good platform to promote a lot of underground talents & also to publish a lot of news in the EDM scene which people can’t know every day. Definitely, something everyone should follow.

RAYASA– Suffle Music Magazine is a really great concept and platform for upcoming talents in the Dance music scene.The initiative taken by the team is praiseworthy as it really benefits the upcoming artists. I would recommend everyone to follow

Suffle and stay updated to new music!

SHKHR– I can see Suffle Music Magazine as a great platform for the new talents in the Music Industry right now, and also keeping people updated on the latest Dance Music.

And Thanks to the Suffle Magazine for the interview!