Since the past few generations, industries and commercials have bloomed a lot and so has the music industry too. How music is acquired, consumed, and even produced has undergone a noticeable change. Those who were able to sustain themselves in this fierce competition hustled their way to the top, while others quitted the industry.

The music industry is the birthplace of multiple talented youngsters from different genres, among whom Sunil Sindagi, aka IQQANVE, has hustled enough to mark a distinguishable position in the music industry. Hailing from Karnataka, his unending passion for music and immeasurable efforts paved his way to success. “All The Things”- his new single has set new standards and has created a buzz in the music industry.

Beautifully written and composed by Mitika Kanwar, and produced by IQQANVE and Hash, the track was released on 13 August 2021 under the record label Warner Music Philippines. This song basically falls under the Dance Pop genre. With an acoustic blend of upbeats and emotional chords at different verses, this song is obvious on its way to be the chartbuster!

Elucidating the song, Mitika Kanwar says that “All The Things” is about the light after darkness, the ray of hope and positivity after ending a relationship. Instead of grieving, sulking, allowing yourself to be consumed by your darkest thoughts, it’s the process of overcoming your anxieties and emerging as a stronger woman for your future. It’s all about prioritizing optimism over pessimism.

IQQANVE thanks the music bug for hitting him hard, enabling him to discover his true world, and is all the way grateful to his parents for encouraging him throughout his journey. “All The Things” with its musicality, pop beat, and emotional tone in the second verse signifying the mixed feelings of sadness and hope, is enough to incite the craze of the audience.

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