7 Best Websites To Find Music For Marketing

Music for marketing is one of the most searched upon term on the internet. Marketers are always looking for new and fresh piece of audio to combine with their advertisements. Ever since, it has been discovered that music combined with a great piece of ad can deliver massive results. It became an important strategy to use great piece of audio with ads.

In the Digital era of marketing, if you are not using a great audio with your video ads. You are losing a lot of attention and money.

There are plenty of resources on the internet where you can go and find out some cool and free music for your ads. But, we have compiled a list of some of the best resources from where you can get high quality music for your advertisements.

Here’s a list of websites where you can find music for marketing-

1. Fesliyan Studios

David Fesliyan is the founder of Fesliyan Studio who specializes in creating music for advertisments and more. The intention behind fesliyan was to create a platform for budding producers and artists and showcase their talent.

Fesliyan Studios features a great amount of royalty free music and sound effects which can be used for marketing purposes. The sound quality is top notch and has tons of different options to choose from.

It provides you long, short and medium versions of the same music for your advertisements.

Music For Marketing

2. Melodyloops

If your advertisement is on point and you are willing to spend a few dollars to get a great piece of music. You can choose Melodyloops.

Melodyloops has a bunch of different option to choose from. You can select music from different genres, moods and styles. It also has various affordable pricing options which makes your life easier.

Find Music For Marketing

3. Chosic

Chosic is a great alternative to find music for marketing. With tons for options to choose from and a Soundcloud like User Interface the website hits right on the spot.

The website also has a lot of tools like playlist analyzers, similar songs finder, artists finder etc.

Music For Marketing

4. Jamendo

Jamendo provides user with a great subscription model where users can get access to their whole library for an affordable price.

It offers you with various licenses to choose from. Also, the quality and interface are easy to navigate and play with.

Music For Marketing

5. Looperman

Looperman is exactly not a website where you can find music for marketing with a click. But, it has a huge library of sounds where a lot of music creators can upload their samples, loops & kits.

You can search according to different genres, sounds, type of music, sounds and moods of music.

The plethora of options you get on this website can be a bit overwhelming at first but soon as you learn more about Looperman the game starts changing.

Find Music For Marketing

6. YouTube Audio Library

Youtube has it’s own library of royalty free audio from where you can download audio without any hassle.

With thousand different options to choose from YouTube has built a great library of copyright free sounds you. The tracks are good in length and you can sample it, chop it and use the way you like it.

Music For Marketing

7. Pro Tip

Find a music producer who can create music for you.

This saves you from endless amount of google search and going through all the websites. With a producer directly in touch you can share your ideas with him and get great audio created which suits your brand.

This also saves you from hassle of copyright.

You can contact us for the same. Our producer can create some good music for your advertisements. So that you will never need to search for music for marketing


Finding music for marketing depends on a lot of factor. Originality is one of them. Sticking with free resources can surely give you access to a library which will ease things out for you. But, when you want to build a brand you should do an in-depth research on the websites available or contact music producers who can make your work easier.