Techivation Unveils FREE Saturation Plugin ‘T-Saturator’

Techivation just unleashed T-Saturator, a free saturation plugin compatible with Windows and macOS.

T-Saturator offers precise control over your track’s tone and character, without costing you a dime.

With a history of giving away top-notch plugins like T-Puncher, Techivation delivers again with T-Saturator, catering to those craving more flexibility in their saturation toolkit.

Featuring four primary modes—Tube, Tape, Clip, and Fold—each offering distinct sonic qualities, T-Saturator lets you dial in harmonics to suit any signal.

While Tape and Fold impress for their intended use, Tube and Clip steal the spotlight, especially at lower settings, providing just the right touch of distortion without going overboard.

Controls like Smash and Crunch add depth, allowing you to fine-tune dynamic processing and algorithm character with ease.

And don’t overlook the frequency range controls and auto-gain function, ensuring seamless integration into your mix.

In essence, T-Saturator is a no-fuss, high-reward addition to your plugin arsenal.

Grab T-Saturator for FREE: Download Here

Pushpendra Giri
Pushpendra Giri

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