T-Force Unveils ‘Zenith’ A FREE Roland-inspired Synthesizer

T-Force Zenith, the stellar Roland-inspired synth by Mastrcode Music, sets a new standard in free synthesizers.

For Windows users, T-Force Zenith offers a gateway to sonic exploration, though Mac users might have to wait for their turn.

Inspired by the Roland Supersaw, T-Force Zenith boasts two free-running, seven-voice oscillators, providing a rich, evocative sound palette reminiscent of 90s Trance.

But this synth isn’t just about nostalgia. Tt’s a powerhouse of flexibility, offering over 200 waveforms and the ability to incorporate user samples for endless sonic possibilities.

With an intuitive audio editor, crafting and refining your own samples is a breeze, opening up avenues for unique sound design.

Experience the sheer force of up to 32X polyphony, allowing you to create expansive, layered compositions.

Remember those unforgettable Trance anthems? T-Force Zenith puts that sound at your fingertips, allowing you to craft the iconic detuned Supersaw and experiment with controlled chaos through the Oscillator Feedback module.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there.

Enhance your creations with built-in effects like parametric EQ, Reverb, Distortion, and Stereo Chorus, elevating your sound to new heights.

For Trance enthusiasts, the envelope-controlled 32-step Trance Gate is a game-changer, adding rhythmic precision to your compositions.

And for those seeking instant inspiration, the Chorder module transforms single notes into lush chords, perfect for sparking creativity on the fly.

While T-Force Zenith excels at creating energetic electronic music, its softer, atmospheric pads are equally mesmerizing, evoking visions of Sci-Fi dystopias and immersive soundscapes.

Download Now: T-Force-Zenith (FREE – Windows only)

Pushpendra Giri
Pushpendra Giri

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