PareQ – FREE Paragraphic EQ plugin for Windows

Benedict Roff-Marsh recently launched PareQ, a free paragraphic EQ plugin designed for Windows users. This innovative tool seamlessly combines the user-friendly interface of a graphic equalizer with the powerful features of a parametric EQ.

PareQ stands out as a unique addition to the world of equalizer plugins. Ideal for Windows users with a VST3-compatible host, it offers a streamlined and efficient workflow that could elevate your audio editing experience.

Featuring 5 bands, each tailored to specific frequency ranges for common adjustments, PareQ provides a user-friendly approach to audio enhancement. Additionally, the plugin includes filters for refining low- and high-end frequency content, adding a layer of versatility to your sound sculpting.

The ability to freely switch the bass and treble bands to shelves enhances the flexibility of PareQ, making it a valuable tool for shaping your desired audio output. The dynamic circuit, spanning frequencies between 100Hz to 6kHz, further adds to the plugin’s capabilities, allowing for nuanced adjustments.

While PareQ may not replace more advanced tools like TDR’s Nova, its real strength lies in its expeditious workflow. With defined limits on each band, making choices for boosting and cutting becomes straightforward. The inclusion of a dynamic circuit, coupled with comprehensive visualization features, makes PareQ an appealing choice for those seeking a user-friendly EQ solution.

For users who appreciate a fast and efficient workflow, PareQ could be a valuable addition to their toolkit. The controls offer sufficient depth for fine-tuning, and the dynamic circuit enhances its overall utility. However, it’s worth noting that PareQ is exclusive to Windows, leaving Mac users out of the equation.

If PareQ aligns with your audio editing needs, you can find the download link on the developer’s Ko-fi page. The plugin operates on a pay-what-you-want model, so a donation is appreciated if you find the tool valuable.

Download PareQ Now! (FREE/ Add 0 Dollars in the checkout box to make it yours).

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