Quiet Music Unveils FREE Dream Waves Lite Virtual Instrument

Quiet Music has released a new free virtual instrument called DreamWaves Lite, which offers electric piano-style sounds. While Quiet Music has provided free versions of their instruments in the past, DreamWaves Lite is a condensed version of their latest release, DreamWaves.

DreamWaves Lite features the same user interface and controls as the full version but includes only 7 out of the 71 presets. The full version, DreamWaves, is currently priced at 16€ until the end of May and will be 30€ afterward.

The plugin allows you to explore various electric piano-style sounds and textures, making it suitable for genres like ambient, chillout, downtempo, lo-fi, and hip-hop. The seven presets included are:

  1. Asfreda: A crunchy keyboard sound with tremolo modulation and generous reverb.
  2. Dynamic Lane: A clean Fender Rhodes-like electric piano sound.
  3. Epianic: A washy, distorted sound with a touch of chorus.
  4. Evolvnt: A pad-like, washy sound without distortion or chorus, ideal for ambient music.
  5. Harmonic Hues: An electric piano sound with a sparkly top end.
  6. Klonech: A synthy, metallic sound with a choir-like layer underneath.
  7. Swooshtik: A classic electric piano sound with a “firework” layer and plenty of reverb.

The user interface features a keyboard visual, preset selector, and various controls for panning, filtering, fine-tuning, and global volume. You can tweak the sound using envelope ADSR and LFO modulation. Additionally, the plugin offers effects like distortion, reverb, chorus, and delay with the ability to offset the left and right delays.

DreamWaves Lite is compatible with Windows and MacOS, supporting VST2, VST3, and AU plugin formats on 64-bit systems. However, it does not include an AAX version, so it cannot be used in Pro Tools.

You can download DreamWaves Lite for free (340MB download size).

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