FREE EQ Plugin – Rainbow Bird EQ Plugin by Vox Samples

Vox Samples presents Rainbow Bird EQ, a tribute to the renowned EQ4, complete with its iconic “Air Band”. Immerse yourself in the legendary EQ experience with Rainbow Bird, offering improved gain accuracy and user-friendly controls, ensuring your sounds effortlessly pierce through your mix.

Navigate the sonic landscape with ease using Rainbow Bird’s 2 “Air” knobs, providing unparalleled clarity. Each knob interacts seamlessly with the others, allowing you to fine-tune until you achieve the ideal curve for your unique sound.

Rainbow Bird EQ deviates from the linear frequency gain scaling found in typical stock or surgical EQs. Instead, it opts for wide, bold curves to infuse your sounds with a musical touch. However, reminiscent of its reference hardware, Rainbow Bird EQ maintains minimal phase distortion, preserving the pristine quality of your sound.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows (64-bit only): VST3
  • macOS (64-bit only): VST3, AU

Download instructions:

Add the quantity of vsts you want and click the add to cart button. Then, move on to the next screen and add your details. If everything stays successful you will get the plugin asap.

Pushpendra Giri
Pushpendra Giri

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