Free Bitcrusher VST Plugins (2024)

Bitcrushers have always been that one piece of distortion plugin that you cannot miss to have.

Bitcrushers allow you to make your sounds crunchy and pop out a bit more. It’s a classic effect that, when used right can make your instruments and mixes sound great.

In simple terms “A bit crusher is like a digital distortion for your music. It adds a unique flavor by intentionally reducing the quality of your audio, creating a gritty, lo-fi effect. Think of it as distorting your sound in a controlled way, often used to give your music a vintage or experimental vibe. It’s adds character and personality to your tracks. Just use it in moderation for a balanced sound.”

So if you want that superb digital distortion that can make your drums sound better or create a glitch effect. Check out this list of free bitcrusher vst plugins here.

Best FREE Bitcrusher VST Plugins (2024 Update)

Here is a list of the best free bitcrusher plugins right now:

  • Krush 
  • Delta Modulator
  • HomeCorrupter
  • MBitFun
  • PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit
  • TAL – Bitcrusher
  • dBlue Crusher
  • Prisma

1. Krush: Your All-in-One Distortion Toolkit

krush tririk
krush tririk

Tritik’s Krush is a must-have in your plugin arsenal if you’re after a versatile multi-effect tool. Boasting three distortion flavors – clipper, bitcrusher, and downsampler – and a resonant multi-mode filter, Krush offers a rich palette for sound design. The resizable interface and intuitive controls make it a breeze for beginners. Freeze parameters, modulate with an LFO, and explore 25 presets for instant inspiration. This freeware gem is Tritik’s gift to the music production community.

Download: Krush (VST/AU, Windows & Mac)

2. Delta Modulator: Nintendo Nostalgia in a Plugin

delta modulator xfer
delta modulator xfer

Xfer Records brings you Delta Modulator, a bitcrusher that transports your audio straight into the realm of 90s Nintendo games. Based on the delta modulation channel of the Nintendo NES console, this plugin delivers a unique sound you won’t find elsewhere. Perfect for a retro 8-bit vibe, try Delta Modulator on your favorite synth patch and relive the magic of classic gaming.

Download: Delta Modulator (VST, Windows & Mac)

3. HomeCorrupter: Igorski’s Bitcrushing Masterpiece


Igorski presents HomeCorrupter, a bit-crusher/fidelity reduction plugin that adds a touch of madness to your music. Degrading audio signals by reducing sample rate and bit depth, HomeCorrupter offers practical features like rescaling and oscillators for hands-on control. Dive into the chaos by introducing LFO sweeps and experiment with this mad-scientist plugin for authentic lo-fi effects.

Download: HomeCorrupter (VST/VST3, Windows & Mac)

4. MBitFun: Unleash the Bitcrushing Power

mbitfun melda productions
mbitfun melda productions

MeldaProduction introduces MBitFun, a bitcrusher powerhouse included in their free MFreeBundle. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; MBitFun is packed with advanced features. With a variety of modules and an interface that’s fully customizable, this plugin is perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with advanced effects. Brace yourself for a bitcrushing adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Download: MBitFun (VST/AU/AAX, Windows & Mac)

5. PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit: Sega Genesis Vibes


Inphonik’s PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit takes you back to the iconic Sega Genesis sound chip era. As a free bitcrusher effect, it emulates the essence of that legendary hardware. With features like adjustable decimation and output filtering, this plugin is perfect for those seeking a nostalgic touch. Whether you’re into synth, drums, or mix bus experiments, the PCM2612 delivers pleasing results.

Download: PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit (VST/VST3/AU/AAX, Windows & Mac)

6. TAL – Bitcrusher: Your Easy Ticket to Lo-Fi Vibes


Togu Audio Line presents TAL – Bitcrusher, a plugin designed with simplicity in mind. This user-friendly bitcrusher allows even beginners to add a touch of vintage charm to their music. With basic yet effective controls like Crush and Quantize, TAL – Bitcrusher is perfect for those who want straightforward lo-fi vibes without getting lost in complicated settings.

Download: TAL – Bitcrusher (VST/AU/AAX, Windows & Mac)

7. dBlue Crusher: Distortion Delight

dBlue Crusher
dBlue Crusher

Illformed’s dBlue Crusher is your ticket to controlled distortion. As a bitcrusher with a simple design, it doesn’t compromise on effectiveness. Easily adjust Crush and Quantize to add a unique flavor to your sound. Reviews highlight its simplicity and versatility, making it a favorite among users for both subtle and extreme sonic transformations.

Download: dBlue Crusher (VST, Windows & Mac)

8. Prisma: Advanced Tone Shaping Playground

prisma unplug red
prisma unplug red

Meet Prisma, a multiband distortion plugin set to revolutionize your sonic experience. With the ability to add up to four modules to each of its four bands, Prisma offers unparalleled precision. Boasting 16 modules, it becomes a tonal playground for both beginners and experienced producers. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, including a Dry/Wet module, Ring Mod module, and more surprises.

Download: Prisma

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